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advertising our climate change action
With climate change conversations now a part of our daily lives, and an emissions trading scheme set to impact the business, we think it’s time to raise awareness of Alcoa’s commitment to being part of the solution to climate change.

Check out our adverts – launched this month (click on the links to the right), they feature some wonderful Alcoans helping spread important messages about our climate change actions.

Did you know at Alcoa we have cut our emissions by 36% from 1990 levels? Alcoa has long been leading industry efforts to be part of the solution to climate change, and we tackle it at all levels: industry, operational, and individual.
Visit our climate section to learn more, and look out for the ads, read the messages, and spread the word!

A huge thank you to our stars - 

  • Eugene Westaway, Potroom Operator, Ponit Henry
  • Joanne Waters, Central Maintenance Service Person, Kwinana
  • Larissa Hackett, Mine Environmental Scientist - Cross Site
  • Matthew Richards, Mechanical Fitter, Wagerup
  • Heather Nieman, Environmental Engineer, Wagerup
  • Matt Robson, Electrical Apprentice, Wagerup
from utah to anglesea, in the name of aussie falcons
Utah is a long way from the small coastal town of Anglesea in Victoria.   But that didn't stop four falcon enthusiasts from Salt Lake City, Utah USA, from making a detour on their recent Australian holiday to see first-hand the Peregrine Falcons they have long been following on Alcoa’s webcam. 

Alcoa Anglesea in Victoria has been home to a pair of Peregrine Falcons since 1991. Our webcam shows images from a special nest box that environmental employees at Anglesea built and installed in 2004 on the site’s water tower.  The height and aspect of this structure mimics the preferred natural nesting environment of this beautiful species. Normally, Peregrines can be found nesting on sheer cliff faces.

The most serious threats facing Peregrines in Victoria are illegal persecution and the continuing loss and disturbance of suitable nest sites. Only 3% of Peregrine nests found in Victoria are on man-made structures, so Alcoa Anglesea is thrilled to be able to provide a safe and secure site for this pair of Peregrine Falcons year, after year.

The two couples from the USA - Les and Deborah Thompson, and Mary and Karl Wall - are involved in the Peregrine Falcon Program in Salt lake City and have been following Alcoa Anglesea's webcam for a number of years.  They made a special trip to the Anglesea power station recently as part of their trip to Australia.
The group were hosted on site, where they watched the falcon nest, and also went up to the seventh floor where luckily one of the falcons decided to sit on the power station structure right outside the lift well to welcome the group.   This was the closest the Utah visitors had ever been to a grown falcon.  

Since ancient times, people have been fascinated by Peregrine Falcons. A cosmopolitan species, the Peregrine Falcon is found on all continents and most large islands, with the exception of Antarctica and New Zealand. Holding the world speed record, the Peregrine Falcon can attain up to 320km per hour in a dive. Learn more. 

About 30 years ago, pesticides - particularly the now banned DDT - spread through the food chain topped by the Peregrine Falcon. They began dying out as a species worldwide with very few breeding pairs recorded. Wildlife scientists put them on the endangered species list and worked to bring their population back to a healthy level. Thanks to the Australian ban on the pesticide DDT in 1987, increased awareness among egg collectors, and diligent efforts from conservationists around the world, over the past decade the Peregrine Falcon population has made a strong, but not yet complete, recovery. Peregrines are now listed as 'rare' across Australia and 'vulnerable' in Victoria.

Get involved – click here for up-to-date images of these beautiful creatures.

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