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space shuttle powered by alcoa
The last Space Shuttle launch, scheduled to fly in 2010, will be powered by propellant made with Alcoa’s aluminium powder.

Alcoa’s Rockdale plant has been a supplier to the US Space Shuttle program since 1982 and we will continue to provide aluminium powder for the next generation space shuttle.

Alcoa has powered most Space Shuttle flights since the first Space Shuttle flight in 1981 and has been the sole supplier of aluminium powder to ATK Space Systems since 1992.

The last lot of aluminium powder for the Reusable Solid Rocket Motor for the Space Shuttle Program was recently completed.

ATK Space Systems is the prime contractor for the Ares I first stage, a single, five-segment reusable solid rocket booster derived from the Space Shuttle Program’s reusable solid rocket motor. 

Employees at Rockdale were awarded a letter of recognition recently from ATK Space Systems for their hard work and commitment.

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Image: thanks to NASA

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The employees at Rockdale’s Atomizer Plant were recognized by ATK Space Systems for their dedication and hard work in completing the last lot of aluminum powder for the Reusable Solid Rocket Motor for the U.S. Space Shuttle Program