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alcoa to develop energy-efficient, sustainable aluminium fuel tanker trailer
Alcoa and CIMC Vehicles Co Ltd, a leading specialty truck manufacturer in China, have teamed up to design and develop a new, energy-efficient, aluminium fuel tanker trailer for the Asian market.

Alcoa will apply our world-class design, engineering and manufacturing expertise with CIMC Shandong’s fabrication knowledge to produce the lightweight, environmentally-friendly tanker trailer.

“The aluminium fuel tanker trailer will bring tremendous value to the commercial transportation market in China, because of the outstanding environmental and economic benefits that aluminium brings to this market,” said Kevin Kramer, President Alcoa Growth Initiatives.

“The aluminium fuel tanker trailer will be 30 per cent lighter than conventional stainless steel trailers, resulting in a significant increase in payload, greater fuel savings and lower emissions.”

General Manager CIMC Shandong, Xiaoxu Liu, said: “This is an opportunity to grow this market and create a positive environmental impact.”

“The new aluminium tanker trailer is an optimal sustainable solution that will offer our customers a new option and opportunity to reduce their costs, while increasing their payload capacity in an environmentally friendly way.”

The combination of lightweight aluminium production and lower fuel costs of the tank trailer results in a total carbon dioxide savings of 90 tonnes per trailer over the lifespan of each vehicle.

The first prototype is expected to be road tested in Jinan City and Beijing in October this year.

In 2007, Alcoa partnered with Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Company, China’s leading bus producer, to develop a new generation of energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly buses that were road tested during the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Best-in-class Alcoa products, such as forged wheels, body sheet and Dura-Bright® wheels, are helping the transportation industry meet its goals of improved fuel efficiency, performance, customer satisfaction, and reduced emissions.

about CIMC Shandong
CIMC Shandong is part of the China International Marine Containers (Group) Ltd. (CIMC), China’s leading transportation equipment manufacturer with operations throughout China, the US and Europe.

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Kevin Kramer (left) discusses the aluminium fuel tanker trailer project with Zhou Guofang, (centre), CIMC Shandong project manager, and Max Huang, (right), project manager from Alcoa China, during a tour of CIMC Shandong

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Randall Scheps, Alcoa Director Ground Transportation MST, Xiaoxu Liu, General Manager CIMC Shandong, and Kevin Kramer, President Alcoa Growth Initiatives, tour CIMC Shandong plant in Jinan City, Shandong Province