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worldwide accolade for alcoa technology
One of the world’s most prestigious engineering accolades has been awarded to Vince Dooley of Alcoa’s global refining research and development group based at Kwinana in Western Australia.

Mr Dooley, an Electrical Engineering Specialist, with Alcoa’s Technology Delivery Group, has received the ‘UOP Technology Award’ from the International Society of Automation based in the United States.  The annual award, now in its 26th year, recognises outstanding achievement in the conception, design, or implementation of instrumentation and/or process control.

Over a 29 year career at Alcoa, Mr Dooley has invented and implemented a range of sophisticated on-line analytical instruments, which have become industry best practice in alumina refining.  His inventions have seen productivity benefits in every Alcoa alumina refinery around the world, delivering multi-million dollar benefits to our bottom line.

Dr Ian Harrison, Director of Research and Development Global Refining, said Mr Dooley’s inventions had significantly contributed to Alcoa’s on-going sustainability and competitive edge.

“Our refineries simply cannot operate at their current productivity levels without Vince’s on-line instruments.”

Alumina refining is a sophisticated, efficient industry in which competitive advantage is obtained through research and development (R&D). 

“On-line liquor analysis has been one of the alumina industry’s long held dreams.  Thanks to Vince, those dreams are now a reality for us at Alcoa,” Dr Harrison said.

“Vince’s win is an incredible achievement because the development of on-line instrumentation for the alumina industry is significantly more complex than it is for many other industries.”

Award winner, Vince Dooley, said: “I’m thrilled to be receiving this award - everyone in TDG makes an important contribution to Alcoa’s performance and it’s great to receive some external recognition for our efforts and achievements.”

Dave Olney, Vice President Technology - Global Refining, said Mr Dooley was not only able to develop the concepts, but take them through to commercial application to the extent that the instruments are now in full operation across the entire Alcoa refining system around the world.

“His skills set ranges from the expert technical knowledge of the refining process and instrumentation, through to the very practical engineering and application ‘know-how’ - essential to brining new equipment into service on a commercial scale.”
sharing rehab experience with victorian bushfire victims
As a world leader in jarrah forest rehabilitation, Alcoa was recently approached to share some of our expertise with the people of bushfire devastated Victoria.

Mining Environmental and Community Manager Carl Grant, visited the areas surrounding Marysville, and said the request was to assist with assessments of forest damage and the development of rehabilitation programs.

He travelled to Marysville in May to share his expertise in fire ecology and forest rehabilitation with the Marysville and Triangle Development Group, to determine which forest areas would require rehabilitation and which were likely to regenerate on their own.

“Despite the intensity of the fire, I believe that the majority of burnt forested areas around Marysville will recover without rehabilitation because they are very resilient.

“However, there is potential for significant erosion in these areas and this will need to be monitored during the winter months,” Carl said.
While Carl was in Marysville he met with locals who had been affected by the fire.

“I was overwhelmed by the positive attitude of the Marysville residents and the generosity of the volunteers in the face of such a tragedy. I wish the people of Marysville and surrounding areas all the best, as they live through what is going to be a long and tough recovery period.”

In February, Alcoa of Australia donated $50,000 to the Red Cross and the Alcoa Foundation donated US$50,000, to help the victims of Black Saturday.  Our people also dug deep making generous financial contributions.

One of Alcoa’s key partners is the KIDS Foundation, which facilitates Australia’s largest national Burn Survivors Network, providing basic services and facilities for the care of young people and their families. 
The Network’s aim is to offer hope and support to those affected by burns, and to help them develop a quality of life, beyond survival. 
Today, the Network continues supporting Black Saturday survivors, as they get their lives back on track.  Its role, following tragic events like bushfires, is often not immediate – but it’s vital in the months that follow as survivors come to terms with what has happened.

“After the initial shock, and as people start to recover from their burns injuries, they begin to contemplate what life will be like with their injuries.  This is where the KIDS Foundation can get involved and offer support and skills for survivors to not only survive, but to thrive,” said Matthew Stevens, KIDS Foundation CEO.

men’s health awareness in the spotlight in portland
With the support of Portland Aluminium, the Portland community recently benefited from a ‘Men’s Community Health Forum’ - held to raise awareness about the signs and symptoms of common men’s health issues and raise much needed funds for a Helipad near Portland’s Hospital.

Over 100 people attended the Forum, which coincided with national “Men’s Health Week”.  The event was coordinated by Cancer Council Victoria and also supported Portland District Health.

Portland Aluminium Operations Manager, John Osborne, said the smelter plays an important role in supporting the local community.

“We continue to invest in projects that deliver positive community benefits.  With health and safety a core Value for Alcoa, supporting Forums like this one give us a chance to promote the importance of health to the whole Portland community.”

The evening of information and entertainment included four guest speakers. Suzanne Lions from Cancer Council Victoria, opened the event presenting information on bowel cancer, Dr. Stephen Carroll, comedian and men’s health specialist, presented ‘The hard word!’, Bill Richmond from the Prostate Association imparted some valuable information on prostrate cancer based on his personal experience and the evening concluded with some light-hearted humour from former AFL legends Robert ‘Dippa’ Dipierdomenico and Leigh Colbert who presented ‘On the Couch’.

Portland Aluminium employee Tony Webb, who attended the forum, said it was great to hear first hand important facts about men’s health, while also being able to enjoy some great stories from the Dippa and Leigh.

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Men's health awareness in the spotlight in Portland - scroll down for full story. Above: Leigh Colbert

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Ian (Jack) Marshman and David Thomas from Portland Aluminium along with Angel Moreiro enjoyed some 'Secret Men's Business'