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portland curtailment complete
The 15 per cent production curtailment, announced in April, by Portland Aluminium was finalised last month as 68 pots were taken offline.

The curtailment was in response to the economic downturn and challenging international market conditions. It has seen normal production of around 358,000 tonnes per annum, reduced to 305,000 tonnes per annum.

Portland Aluminium Operations Manager, John Osborne, said: “It took considerable planning to ensure the safe and efficient removal of the pots, but we executed our plan well without affecting the rest of the operation,” he said.
The business has also been working consultatively with employees, unions, contractors and suppliers to achieve an overall 10-15 per cent cost reduction at Portland Aluminium. As a result, employees, working under the Australian Workers Union (as outlined in Portland Aluminium’s Enterprise Bargaining Agreement), have been asked for expressions of interest in a voluntary redundancy package.  At this stage, Portland Aluminium is only asking for expressions of interest, and the final numbers will be determined in the coming weeks.

We remain absolutely committed to the sustainability of our Portland operations, however in the current economic environment it’s vital we rapidly adjust to our short-term challenges by reducing costs and taking action that ensures our long-term viability.

Alcoa is taking decisive action to manage through the downturn. For more visit www.alcoa.com.au/economicdownturn

community gets up-close with alcoa 
Community members and school students continue flocking to Alcoa to get an up-close look at our business.

For over 30 years we’ve been opening our doors to the community through our well-established tours program.  Already this year we’ve had more than 2700 visitors through our Western Australian and Victorian operations, learning about how we transform the red rock-like mineral bauxite into light-weight shining aluminium.

Alcoa tours form part of our ‘Discover Alcoa: education and experiences’ program which also includes online student and teacher resources, linked to specific curriculum learning areas. For more, click here.

In total, more than 635,000 people have toured Alcoa. So what makes a visit to Alcoa so popular? Our free tours show, in an educational, fun and exciting way, how Alcoa is working to be part of the solution to climate change and sustainability.

Over the years, our tours have proved to be most popular with high school students, their interests ranging from the science of refining to securing a career in our industry.  Some choose to experience our business first hand through work experience programs. 

16 year old Jonica Ieraci recently swapped her school uniform for Alcoa attire, while participating in a workplace learning program offered through local high schools in the South-West of WA.

The Harvey Senior High School student spent time at our Wagerup Refinery, working with the Community Relations team.

Wagerup Community Relations Officer Scott Hansen said Alcoa has supported students at all its operations for many years.

"It’s a great opportunity for local students to get a better understanding of different careers and we try to find individual placements for whatever area the student is interested in."

Jonica said that her experience was a highly rewarding and the benefit of the program was that it teaches vital skills that young people will ultimately need in the workplace.

"It is a work-readiness program that focuses on the cores of a highly successful workplace by introducing us to workplace etiquettes such as punctuality, grooming, enthusiasm, initiative and basically any other skills that employers would want for their company," she said.

Meantime our ‘Future Leaders of Industry’ program in the Portland region was launched this month.

Now in its fifth year, Future Leaders of Industry aims to attract students to the manufacturing industry and provide them with the opportunity to study the industry through a structured three-month program. 

The participating students are involved in a variety of activities including a work placement, a leadership workshop, tours of local companies, a “Mentor Day” where participants are paired up with an employee at one of the supporting companies, a communication skills training day and a careers forum to explore training pathways.

For more about Alcoa careers visit: www.alcoa.com.au/careers

For more about Alcoa tours visit: www.alcoa.com.au/discover 

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The curtailment at Portland Aluminium has been completed

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Alcoa has been opening our doors to the community for over 30 years - scroll down for full story

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Our tours are most popular with school students

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16 year old Jonica Ieraci while on work experience with Alcoa Wagerup