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Our Sustainability Reporting 08 has just been launched, demonstrating that even through challenging times people can achieve amazing things.

In keeping with the theme, the reporting has been released online for the second consecutive year.

Managing Director Alan Cransberg said: “Certainly the end of 2008 will be remembered for being a confronting time in financial markets, but our Sustainability Reporting also shows that through difficult times, leaders emerge and people really do achieve great things.”

Our sustainability story can be accessed at www.alcoa.com.au/sustainability. It focuses on Alcoa’s performance in 2008 and provides direct transparent access to detailed information on how the company is leading, managing, responding and planning the sustainability of our business - in relation to key issues such as climate change, innovation and growth, water, environmental custodianship, our people and our communities.
Some of the highlights include:

  • Alcoa’s alumina and aluminium production was up on 2007 with our highest ever annual production of alumina at 8.83 million tonnes and 548,950 tonnes of aluminium;
  • Positive improvements in our safety performance in 2008 - decreases for both our lost work day and recordable injury rates for both our WA and Victorian operations;
  • Our refineries improved their energy efficiency by about 4 per cent and our smelters by 5 per cent. Employees achieved a company record of over 90,000 volunteering hours – this equates to almost 3,800 days or 10 and a half years of volunteering.
“Our success in 2008 would not have been possible without the efforts and ingenuity of our people. Consistently our employees have come up with simple, cost effective solutions to make Alcoa a stronger company under difficult economic conditions,” Mr Cransberg said.

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