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move over glass … the aluminium bottle has arrived
In 1962 Alcoa and the Pittsburgh Brewing Company joined together to develop the first pull-top aluminium can, which revolutionised the beer and soft drink industries.  Now the use of the aluminium bottle is on the rise around the world.
It’s not surprising.  Aluminium is endlessly recyclable, and in today’s carbon constrained world – recyclability is becoming more important than ever before. Recycling one aluminium can saves 95 per cent of the energy needed to make a new can from scratch. And it’s estimated that nearly 75% of all aluminium ever made since 1886 remains in use today.
In Australia until recently, Crown Lager was only available in glass bottles. Now however, you can find the popular beer in aluminium bottles.
Paul Gloster, Consumer Solutions Manager, Foster's Australia, said: "It looks great in people's hands, and aluminium keeps our Crown Lager cooler much longer than glass in the hot Australian sun."
Back in 2004, Pittsburgh Brewing teamed up with Alcoa in the USA to create a new aluminium bottle for its premium "Iron City" beer - the first beer to be introduced nationally in an aluminium bottle in the North American beer industry.  The aluminium bottles are made by CCL Container in Pennsylvania, using Alcoa’s aluminium.

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