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global financial crisis puts wagerup 3 on hold
Alcoa has suspended work on the proposed expansion of the Wagerup Refinery (Wagerup 3) until market conditions improve. The decision has been taken due to market softness resulting from the global financial crisis.

Alcoa of Australia Managing Director Alan Cransberg, said the action taken was necessary given the current challenging economic environment.

“Alcoa of Australia is a strong and high performing business but, like many companies, we are facing unprecedented economic challenges that require us to reign in capital expenditure and reconsider the timing of our capital projects.

"Wagerup 3 continues to represent one of Alcoa’s best brown field opportunities globally to deliver value through an expansion. When market conditions improve we will revisit implementation of the project," he said.

Mr Cransberg said that the future of Alcoa's business in Australia remains bright but work also needed to be done to secure energy supply for the expansion and understand the detail of the Australian Government's emissions trading scheme before the project could be revisited.
There have been no Alcoa job losses due to the decision. The Alcoans working on the Wagerup 3 project team are being moved into different parts of the business.
mining milestones 
Alcoa of Australia hit two significant mining milestones recently – last month we mined our 750 millionth tonne of bauxite in Western Australia, while this month marks the 40th anniversary of Alcoa’s coal mining at Anglesea in Victoria.
Mining is part of our core business. We mine bauxite in WA to make alumina at our three refineries, which is ultimately made into aluminium, and we mine coal in Victoria to turn into energy to help power our aluminium smelter in Geelong, taking the pressure of the grid.  Our rehabilitation process is one of the most important aspects of our mining operation – that sees Alcoa recognised as a world leader in mine site rehabilitation.
On 16 October Alcoa crushed its 750 millionth tonne of bauxite since mining commenced at Jarrahdale back in 1963.
Evan Thompson, Mine Production Supervisor at Willowdale Mine announced at 4pm that the 750 Millionth tonne had been delivered to the crusher.
“It was a really proud moment for me and the rest of the crew that day. Our work is really satisfying because we are contributing to something which is so essential to our everyday lives – aluminium is everywhere,” he said.
Alcoa’s Manager of Mines, Bill Knight, said: “This is an impressive achievement brought about by teamwork and innovation over 45 years.
“750 million tonnes of bauxite is the equivalent of the aluminium component of over 14 million Boeing 747 jumbo jets. That’s a lot of aluminium. Congratulations to all employees for helping make this happen."
Meantime in Anglesea, Acting Manager Chris Rolland said: “Our mining operations have evolved over time in terms of safety, environmental and operational practices.
“I'm particularly proud of the fact that the mine has not had a lost time injury for the past eleven and a half years - which is over a quarter of the total operational period. Our teams have done an exceptional job in making safety their number one priority.
“When you compare the early days of operation to today, we are now much more successful in our mine site rehabilitation and our mining equipment has certainly evolved.
“Many of the safety features that now come standard with new equipment have been driven by companies such as Alcoa which have, over the years, insisted on ergonomic, noise, falls prevention and guarding improvements.”

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Wagerup 3 will be revisited when market conditions improve

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In October Alcoa crushed its 750 millionth tonne of bauxite - scroll down for full story

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The Willowdale Mine Crew on site for the WA mining milestone

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Alcoa's Anglesea mine also hit a milestone of its own recently