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alcoa’s lightweight aluminium helps make games green
Thanks to Alcoa’s aluminium, two new environmentally-friendly buses are being road tested during the Olympic Games in Beijing. 
The new aluminium-intensive bus body is nearly 50% lighter than a traditional bus and, therefore, requires less fuel and emits fewer greenhouse gases.
Alcoa and Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Company, China’s largest bus manufacturer, joined forces to create the vehicles which feature Alcoa’s spaceframe technology - the same technology used in high-performance automobiles such as the Gran Turismo Ferraris and Audi A8 vehicles.  The buses also include Alcoa Dura-Bright® forged aluminium wheels, Alcoa aluminium side and roof panels, and Alcoa fasteners.
The new Yutong buses are entering extensive road trials, including servicing transportation needs in Beijing during the Olympics and other major cities in China.
The newly designed buses are part of a partnership to apply world-class structural design, materials and manufacturing technologies to develop a new generation of energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly buses for China’s growing commuting public.
Alcoa is also contributing to China’s commitment for a “green” Olympics by providing lightweight aluminium for other transportation systems that are being used during the games. 
Visitors to the Olympic Village will ride on buses powered by electricity and rolling on Alcoa polished, forged aluminium wheels.  Alcoa provided Beijing Public Transport Holding Ltd (BPTC), a large state-owned public transport service, with 350 wheels for 50 buses.
The lightweight, Alcoa aluminium wheels provide significant weight savings over comparable steel wheels, shaving around 125 kilograms from each bus, which, in turn, improves the overall operating efficiency of the electric buses.
Alcoa is striving to be climate neutral by 2020.  When the aluminium industry becomes climate neutral, it will mean that the savings in greenhouse gas emissions from lighter weight, more fuel efficient vehicles will more than offset emissions generated when the metal is first produced.

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