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Mine Rehabilitation

A Brief Look 
Alcoa's Western Australian bauxite mining operations occur within the jarrah forest, located on the Darling Range Plateau.  Approximately 600 hectares in total are mined and rehabilitated each year at the Huntly and Willowdale mines.
The objective of Alcoa’s mine rehabilitation is to establish a self-sustaining jarrah forest ecosystem, planned to enhance or maintain all of the pre-mining forest land uses:  conservation, timber production, water catchment, recreation and other forest values.  Alcoa’s rehabilitation process has been developed and continually improved over the past 35 years, and currently involves the following processes:
  • Landscaping
  • Pre-ripping
  • Soil Return
  • Fauna Habitat Return
  • Final Contour Ripping and Seeding
  • Recalcitrant Planting
  • Fertilising
  • Ongoing Monitoring and Management of Rehabilitated Areas
A key environmental objective is to restore 100% of the species richness in the native forest to our rehabilitated areas one year after rehabilitation is complete.  While we achieved this goal in 2000, it is a continual challenge to improve our rehabilitation program to ensure that we can continually meet this target.   Where botanical monitoring does not meet internal/external standards, areas are re-seeded or weeds removed.
For more information on GRN’s Search for the “Top 25" Australasian Ecological Restoration Projects please visit: http://www.globalrestorationnetwork.org/countries/australianew-zealand/

variety of rehabilitation methods

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A variety of rehabilitation methods and extensive work ensure the maximum diversity of species are established in the first year after completion.

Four years later

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Four years later this same area is a young, growing jarrah forest.

GRN’s Search for the “Top 25″ Australasian Ecologi
GRN’s Search for the “Top 25″ Australasian Ecological Restoration Projects