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Pre-Mining surveys
Pre-mining surveys are conducted in all new crusher regions to:
  • Identify Rare or Threatened Australian Plants (RoTAPs), priority flora, and rare or endangered fauna species;
  • Provide baseline flora and fauna data to assist in developing rehabilitation species;
  • Lists and assess recolonisation rates of key fauna species;
  • Map the location of dieback to assist in developing a dieback crusher region and deciding whether a dieback or dieback free haul road system should be utilised; and
  • Identify any significant Aboriginal or European heritage sites.
If rare or protected species or significant sites are present, they are avoided or management plans are developed to minimise the impact of mining upon them. Pre-mining surveys are conducted by consultants under the supervision of Alcoa staff. They are generally conducted 3-5 years ahead of the development of a new crusher region.

Production and environmental staff gather to plan

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Production and environmental staff gather to plan pre-mining surveying points.