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Mine Planning

Alcoa liaises with Government agencies such as the Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC), Forest Products Commission (FPC), the Department of Water (DoW) and the Water Corporation (WC) to ensure that mining operations and other forest operations are integrated into one land management plan. In particular, Alcoa's schedules for collecting dieback information, installing survey pegging, drilling and clearing need to be coordinated with burning, logging and timber salvage operations. Annual meetings are held to identify and rectify any conflicts between drilling, mining, logging and burning plans.
All mine plans take into account any significant vegetation, fauna or heritage sites identified during the pre-mining surveys.  A number of mine plans are produced, including a conceptual 25 year mine plan, a ten year mine schedule and a detailed five year mine plan.
The five year mine plan and the Mining and Management Program (MMP) is submitted to the Mining and Management Program Liaison Group (MMPLG) each year for Ministerial approval. The MMP summarises the major environmental management programs that will be undertaken at the mine, with emphasis on issues relevant to the next five years. 
The MMPLG, which is made up of representatives of the Department of Industry & Resources (DoIR), DoW, DEC, WC and the Department of Consumer and Employment Protection (DoCEP) review the draft five year mine plan prior to ministerial approval.  After consideration and field inspections, feedback including questions or concerns is returned to Alcoa. The draft plan is modified if necessary and resubmitted. The MMPLG makes its recommendations on the revised plan to the Minister for State Development who ultimately approves the plan. Implementation of the management programs in the five year plan is monitored by the MMPLG.

Mine Planning

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Mine planning sessions are held daily at both Huntly and Willowdale mines to coordinate the days mining activities.