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Downloadable Research Notes

Please see below a list of research notes available for download.

  Rapid Methods for Soil Salinity Assessment in the Darling Range. [608 KB]

  Rapid estimation of leaf areas of Eucalyptus saplings and seedlings. [226 KB]

  A rapid technique for the separation of roots from lateritic soil cores [212 KB]

  Seedbed preparation effects on Native Understorey performance on Bauxite Mine Pits [129 KB]

  Utilisation of Woodwaste materials as weed-free mulches [96 KB]

  Development of Drilling Equiptment for Hydrogeological and Soils Research [443 KB]

  Cultivation Techniques for Understorey Establishment on Old Rehabilitation Bauxite Mine Sites [154 KB]

  The Effect of Ripping Depth on the Early Growth of Eucalyptus Species Planted in Rehabilitated Mined Areas [402 KB]

  Seed Germination Trials on Eleven Eucalyptus Species. [304 KB]

  Timing and Placement of Fertilizer Application for Planted Eucalyptus Seedlings on Rehabilitated Bauxite Mined Areas. [1007 KB]

  Bibliography of Environmental Department Publications [146 KB]

  Effect of Soil Moisture and Density on Rehabilitation Ripping [349 KB]

  Biomass and Nutrient Accumulation by low-growing understorey on rehabiliated bauxite mines. [405 KB]

  General Salt Storage - Terrain Relationships for the Darling Range. [518 KB]

  Groundwater response beneath a revegetated bauxite minepit in the northern Jarrah forest Western Australia [11711 KB]

  The use of fire and soil scarification as a means of establishing Jarrah (eucalyptus marginata) seedlings under an existing Eucalyptus stand in rehabilitated bauxite mines. [11827 KB]

  Seed germination records from Alcoa's Marrinup Nursery [11709 KB]

  Weed potential of Eastern Australian Eucalypt species in rehabilitated bauxite mines [11721 KB]

  Establishment of Jarrah in pre-1988 rehabilitation using burning and seeding [11743 KB]

  The effect of fertiliser application and timing on Jarrah and Marri growth, density and from in nine-year-old bauxite mine rehabilitation [11718 KB]

  Effect of seed age, sowing season and burial depth on establishment of Zamia (Macrozamia Riedlei) [11698 KB]

  Maximising Clematis Pubescens germination with fresh seed [277 KB]

  The use of smoke water and gibberellic acid to break down dormancy in Hypolcalymma Angustifolium [212 KB]

  Germination and viability of seeds of Jarrah (eucalyptus marginata) forest species according to temperature and duration of storage. [277 KB]

  Direct transfer of soil in the wet season as a method to establish resprouter species in rehabilitated bauxite mines [212 KB]

  Seed germination and research from Alcoa's Marrinup Nursery [239 KB]

  Breaking Mechanical dormancy in Quandong using silica gel and enhancing germination response using gibberelllic acid [141 KB]

  Factors affecting plant root distribution in sand embankments of bauxite residue disposal areas [465 KB]

  Variability in jarrah (Eucalyptus Marginata) density on rehabilitated bauxite mines relates to factors affecting emergency rather than survival [428 KB]

  A non-destructive method for rapid estimation of understorey biomass in bauxite mine rehabilitation [551 KB]

  Comparing techniques for incorporating gypsum into residue sand embankments [569 KB]

  A procedure for installing neutron probe access tubes into bauxite - processing residue sand profiles [415 KB]

  Estimating seasonal evaporation in rehabilitated residue sand embankments [2718 KB]

  Characteristics of gypsum and di-ammonium fertiliser used in residue rehabilitation [402 KB]

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