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Downloadable Research Bulletins
Please see below for a list of research bulletins that are available to download.

  Threatened Fauna Species Management Plans For Alcoa's Bauxite Mining Operations in the Jarrah Forrest

  Review of Early research on the nutrition and growth of eucalypts planted in rehabilatated bauxite mined areas in the darling range, Western Australia

  Rehabilitation of mine wastes in a temperate environment

  Studies on invertebrates in relation to bauxite mining activities in the Darling Range - a review of the first eighteen months research.

  Sub-soil preparation and nutrition effects on the early growth of Eucalyptus species

  Germination responses of thirteen legume species to boiling.

  Vacumm drilling - A more rapid and economic method for evaluation of soil salt and soil water content in the Darling Range

  A preliminary ecological survey of the Wagerup ant fauna

  Use of rehabilitated bauxite mined areas in the Jarrah forest by vertebrate fauna

  Termite utilisation of rehabilitated bauxite mined areas

  Formation of wetlands as a possible rehabilitation option for open cut mining in the south west of Western Australia

  Assessment of the floral composition acheived by two topsoil handling techniques used for rehabilitation of bauxite mined areas - preliminary study.

  A method for assessing the likely effects of bauxite mining on conservation of flora and fauna management priority areas

  Phytophthora Cinnamomi in operational and rehabilitated bauxite mine areas in South-Western Australia

  Mining related compaction - A case study in the Darling Range, Western Australia

  Red - A hydrological design model used in the rehabilitation of bauxite minepits in the Darling Range - Western Australia

  Salt storage in the bauxitic laterite region of the Darling Range, Western Australia

  The effect of a clover understorey on growth and nutrient status in a stand of Eucalyptus Resinifera Smith.

  The effect of controlled burns on Nitrogen and Phosphorus in rehabilitatied bauxite mines

  Response of seeded eucalypts and understorey to broadcast nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer on a rehabilitated bauxite mine

  Simulation of the hydrologic response of the Del park catchment to bauxite mining

  The effect of a tall dense Acacia understorey on small shrub and herb species native to the Jarrah Forest

  Estimation of soil salinities east of the Huntly mine, Darling Range, W.A.

  Geomorphological attributes of first and second order catchments in the intermediate rainfall zone of the northern Jarrah forest.

  Relationships of groundwater levels and soil salt storages to the geomorphology of the intermediate rainfall zone of the northern Jarrah forest Western Australia

  Groundwater salinities of the intermediate rainfall zone on the northern Jarrah Forest, Western Australia

  Bioremediation of bauxite residue in Western Australia

  Response of two eucalypt species to fertilizer application on rehabilitated bauxite mines in Western Australia

  Assessment of dieback spread associated with bauxite mining

  A survey of the frequency , duration and oxygen content of surface and sub-surface water in rehabilitated mined areas at Huntly mine

  Field establishment of 40 Jarrah forest species in response to Gibberellic Acid and Smoke treatment

  Rainfall interception in the Del Park catchment of the Northern Jarrah Forest, Western Australia

  Estimating the hydrologic response of the Del park catchment to bauxite mining

  Differences in species abundance between sites rehabilitated with direct return and stockpiled soil

  Weed potential of woody Jarrah forest species previously used in bauxite mine rehabilitation.

  Investigating thinning and burning operations in 10 to 13 year old rehabilitated bauxite mines in the Jarrah Forest

  The effect of tree density and vigorous legumes on understorey species richness, density and cover in rehabilitated bauxite mines

  Evaluating techniques for reducing Ph of bauxite processing residue sand at depth using gypsum and irrigation

  Nitrogen and phosphorous dynamics in bauxite processing residue sand effects of Ph on ammonium and phosphorous absorption and transformation

  Constructing a field lysimeter to monitor water nutrient and plant dynamics

  Threatened Fauna Species Management Plans for Alcoa Bauxite Mining Operations In the Jarrah Forest

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