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Marrinup Nursery

Alcoa's Marrinup Nursery provides seeds and plants for the rehabilitation of mined areas at the Huntly and Willowdale bauxite mines.  The nursery’s main focus is on the bauxite mines but it also provides seeds and plants for rehabilitation of the residue rehabilitation areas at Alcoa’s three refineries.  In addition the nursery carries out seed viability and germination testing, and grows “recalcitrant” plant species for other mining companies.
Located five kilometres from Dwellingup, the nursery has three full time staff and employs  up to 13 nursery assistants.  The Marrinup nursery was established in 1980.
The nursery is a member of the Nursery Industry Accreditation Scheme ensuring its hygiene and management practices comply with industry standards for production of quality, disease-free plants.
Marrinup is not a retail nursery but it does produce some plants for rural landowners and volunteer groups to assist revegetation programs.
The nursery includes a tissue culture (or micro-propagation) laboratory solely for the purpose of restoring a high diversity of plant species in rehabilitated mined areas.  No other mining company in the world has comparable facilities.
Marrinup nursery currently carries out work in five main areas:
  • Purchasing, collecting, treating and supplying seed for mine rehabilitation
  • Producing plants for rehabilitation, in particular recalcitrant* species
  • Propagation research and development of plant species for mine rehabilitation
  • Providing horticultural services to the rest of Alcoa's WA operations
  • Contributing to Australia's horticulture and restoration training and research.
Alcoa's research and development of dieback resistant jarrah was carried out at the Marrinup nursery and tissue culture laboratory.
Marrinup Nursery has won 10 Nursery Garden Industry Association Awards; including Best Propogation Nursery, Best Training, Best Community Nursery and Best Environmental Nursery.
The results of many years of seed testing and germination of native species carried out by the nursery are freely available and are published in Alcoa’s Environmental Research Note Number 27. 

  Seed Germination and Research Records - Sept 2007 [22 KB]

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Marrinup Nursery produces cuttings for Alcoa's mine rehabilitation program.

Growth Chamber

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Part of Marrinup's tissue culture unit is the growth chamber where recalcitrant species clones are first propagated.