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Pre-mining fauna surveys are conducted in all new mining areas to provide information on which to base mining and rehabilitation strategies.  If rare or protected species are present, management plans are developed to minimise the impact of mining on them.
The objectives of premining surveys are:
  • To provide baseline data to evaluate the conservation significance of areas both in a local and regional context, and against which any impacts can be detected,
  • To provide mine planning and rehabilitation options that minimise potential impacts, and
  • To determine specific habitat requirements for fauna.
We survey birds, mammals, reptiles and frogs within the proposed new mining area several years in advance of mining activities. There is special emphasis on the distribution and abundance of any locally occurring species officially listed as either rare or specially protected under the WA Wildlife Conservation Act (1950), or in any category under the Commonwealth EPBC Act (1999).
Surveys are limited to vertebrates because the lack of information on insects and other invertebrates limits the number of specific recommendations which can be developed.  Also there are very few experts who can adequately identify and survey these animals.
Sites established for premining surveys may become permanent monitoring plots for Alcoa’s Long-term Fauna Monitoring Program.


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A Chuditch being released after capture in a monitoring program.

An adult Western Pygmy Possum

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An adult Western Pygmy Possum, which is smaller than a mouse.