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Environmental Improvement Plan 2011-13 
In April 2006, Alcoa released its first Environmental Improvement Plans (EIP) for each of its refineries and mine sites in Western Australia.  This was a first for industry in WA with EIPs developed for the Wagerup, Pinjarra and Kwinana alumina refineries as well as for the mining operations, covering the Willowdale and Huntly bauxite mines south of Perth.  Following the successful release of the first WA EIPs, Alcoa made a public commitment to continue producing them as a way of staying accountable and transparent within the communities in which we operate.
EIPs in WA are a voluntary initiative by Alcoa as there is no requirement for companies to produce them.  Many of the commitments contained within our EIPs go beyond the requirements specified in Alcoa’s formal licence conditions.
Alcoa is proud of this EIP which formulates part of the WA Mining Group’s operational plan for 2011-13.  It is designed to set clear targets for improvement and also outline the actions and initiatives which will be implemented in order to achieve those targets.
We recognise that input from stakeholders is vital, which is why several sectors of the community assisted in the development of this EIP.  New environmental targets, aims and actions, for 2011-13, have been established thanks largely to with the assistance of the Mining EIP Stakeholder Steering Committee.  This committee was established through nominations received from invited stakeholders including:
•           Alcoa’s employees
•           Neighbours
•           Non-government environmental organisations
•           Universities
•           Local and State Government representatives
•           Environmental regulators
The WA Mining Group is committed to minimising the impact of its operations on the surrounding communities and we acknowledge that initiatives, based on ideas from community members, help us to continually improve.  It is also hoped that this EIP will give the local communities a much better understanding of our activities.
Our top priorities include improving environmental performance, reducing environmental impacts and developing more sustainable operating practices.
External involvement and review is integral to this EIP and the information in the EIP should be used as an effective tool for measuring our progress in meeting the set targets. 
Special thanks are extended to everyone involved in producing this EIP, particularly the Mining EIP Stakeholder Steering Committee.  You have given up much of your personal time to assist Alcoa improve and progress environmentally and for that we are grateful.  The EIP consultation process is a successful working example of community, government stakeholders and business coming together for a common purpose.

WA Mining Group EIP
WA Mining Group EIP 2011–13
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