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It is Alcoa’s policy to operate worldwide in a safe, responsible manner which respects the environment and the health of our employees, our customers and the communities in which we operate.  At a more local level, the aims of Alcoa’s mining operation community engagement and consultation program are to:

  1. have stakeholders who are informed and engaged, and
  2. to have a long-term net positive impact on the local community. 
Effective consultation plays an important role in ensuring that the community is informed about Alcoa’s operations and allows them to provide feedback.  Alcoa uses both formal and informal processes to communicate with neighbours, the community and local and state government.
The objectives of the Mining Group’s community consultation program are to:
  • Provide information about Alcoa’s mining operations to current and future mine neighbours to assist them to understand the potential impacts of mining and how Alcoa manages them.
  • Assist Alcoa to understand the concerns the community may have about Alcoa’s mining operations.
  • Provide the community with an opportunity to provide feedback about Alcoa’s management of the mining operations.
  • Provide a framework for resolution of issues that may arise between Alcoa and its neighbours.
  • Fulfil government requirements for community consultation.
It is Alcoa’s objective to maximise the positive impacts of its operations, and to minimise the negative impacts, so that the overall impact of the operations on the community is a positive one. 
Alcoa’s community engagement and consultation program consists of a number of different components, some of which are outlined below:

Supporting Community

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Alcoa supports businesses and groups in the local community.

Partnering Community Groups

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Alcoa is committed to supporting local Community Development Projects such as the Dwellingup Community Village

ACTION event

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By working together woth the community we can make a difference, as the Alcoa employees and members of the Serpentine Primary School did here