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Clearing and Wood Residue Use

Any marketable timber and other wood products (such as fence posts or firewood) within Alcoa’s mine lease belongs to the State Government. Before clearing, the Forest Products Commission takes any marketable timber from areas where mining is planned each year. This is overseen by the Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) which manage the state forest within Alcoa's mining lease.
Once all marketable wood products have been taken, all the remaining vegetation is cleared from the areas to be mined and pushed into windrows.
In previous years the wood residue from clearing was burnt, but residue waste from clearing is now being used by external organisations for charcoal production and we use it as fauna habitats in the rehabilitated mine areas - this greatly reduces the amount of wood residue that is burnt.
Alcoa is aiming to stop burning wood residue completely by identifying markets for all of the residue material.