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Mining Approvals
Mining and Management Program Liaison Group
Alcoa’s bauxite mining operations are overseen by the Mining and Management Program Liaison Group (MMPLG) which is chaired by the Department of State Development (DSD) on behalf of the Minister for State Development.
The other State Government agencies represented on the MMPLG are the Department for Environment and Conservation (DEC), Water Corporation (WC), Department of Water (DoW) and the Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP). 
The Mine Operations Group (MOG), Bauxite Hydrology Committee (BHC) and CAR Informal Reserves Evaluation Committee (CARIREC) are sub-committees of the MMPLG.
The role of MOG is to oversee and report to the MMPLG on the environmental (including forest clearing) and community issues arising from the day-to-day operational activities conducted at Alcoa’s mines.
The role of the BHC is to investigate and report on the influence of mining operations on the salinity balance of soil and waters.
CARIREC was established as a result of a process being agreed to by the MMPLG and the EPA to evaluate Alcoa’s planned incursions into CAR Informal Reserves within Alcoa’s mining lease as required under the Regional Forest Agreement.
CARIREC reports its findings and recommendations to the MMPLG, which in turn makes its recommendation direct to the EPA on the acceptability of Alcoa’s proposals.


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The MMPLG, MOG, and CARIREC committees conduct site inspections as part of the assessment process of Alcoa’s mine plans.