Rural Landholdings - Alcoa Farmlands

While Alcoa is best-known as an aluminium producer, we also have a successful farmlands business. 

Alcoa’s undertaking towards environmental rehabilitation and sustainability is demonstrated in the 19,000 hectares of rural landholdings we manage - around the Pinjarra Refinery, the Wagerup Refinery and land in Boddington (which is separate to our primary operations) - known as Alcoa Farmlands.
Alcoa Farmlands has the largest beef breeding herd in the South-West of Australia, producing approximately 2300 tonnes of beef annually. Much of the beef bought in WA’s supermarkets originates from Alcoa Farmlands.
By developing strategies to develop best practice in sustainable farming, Alcoa Farmlands exhibits a farming system that increases beef production per hectare to make it economically sustainable and environmentally compatible.
While beef cattle is the main agricultural activity, with around 10,000 run across the three locations, one of our properties runs up to 5,000 sheep on a seasonal basis alongside a 400ha cropping program and an aquaculture enterprise.
Alcoa Farmlands is acknowledged within the industry for producing a high standard of cattle product.  It has been accredited with Cattlecare Quality Assurance for over 10 years, achieves audit standards of the Livestock Producers Association QA system and consistently produces livestock that satisfies the Meat Standards Australia grading system.
Alcoa Farmlands will celebrate the planting of 1,000,000 trees in 2009, having commenced planting trees more than 10 years ago. Additionally, Alcoa Farmlands has protected 23km of streamline through fencing and revegetation of stream banks, protected and enhanced 4500ha remnant vegetation and revegetation areas and protected 11 wetlands.

Alcoa Farmlands has introduced water use technology that has resulted in irrigation efficiencies which will enable Alcoa to produce more from our land, using less area and less water per hectare, while reducing the environmental impacts upon that land.