Conservation and Sustainability Partnerships
Over the past 27 years, Alcoa has committed more than $27 million to community, environmental and conservation projects in Australia.  We have a significant number of conservation and sustainability partnerships, working with individuals and community groups to tackle specific environmental issues including: climate change, water, conservation, land restoration and recycling. 
Our partnerships have enabled conservation, community education, repair of degraded land and the restoration and protection of waterways.  Greening Australia is our signature environmental partner.

Greening Australia
Alcoa has partnered with Greening Australia for over 27 years, resulting in the planting of over 10 million trees and the rehabilitation of thousands of hectares of degraded land. 

Alcoa is a founding member of Greening Australia’s River Recovery program which aims to restore and protect Australia’s rivers. The objectives of River Recovery are aligned with the objectives of the National Heritage Trust.

A small example of other joint projects with Greening Australia include:
  • Our ‘Make an Impact’ program which encourages Alcoa employees and their families to be part of the solution to climate change by reducing their household water and energy use
  • ‘Breathe Easy’ which offers all Australians the chance to offset their carbon emissions (Alcoa is the founding sponsor of Breathe Easy)
  • The planting of over 10 million trees in Victoria through the Alcoa Revegetation Assistance Scheme.  This scheme gives farmers and conservation groups access to specialist machinery and equipment. More than 700 Alcoa conservation sites have been established and thousands of hectares of degraded land treated
  • ‘Grow Us A Home’ was introduced in 1992 in recognition of the changing urban landscape in the Perth metropolitan and Peel regions. The decade long program is estimated to have raised the level of environmental awareness of over 40,000 people through the involvement of teachers, parents and students.
  • The Alcoa Portland Seedbank collects and houses seeds from Indigenous plants for use in revegetation projects, providing the right seed for the right sites.
  • Building community capacity to develop and implement solutions to local environmental issues through the ‘Living Landscapes Project’, wherein farming communities in the central Wheatbelt of Western Australia and South West Victoria are working with community land care coordinators, scientists, Greening Australia and Alcoa with the aim of integrating nature conservation with land care and sustainable agriculture
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