The Bayer Process is the only commercial method used to refine alumina from bauxite.
While most of the alumina produced at Kwinana is smelter grade alumina, used to produce aluminium sheet or ingots, Kwinana also produces chemical grade sometimes called specialty alumina, and is one of only two Australian producers.  Chemical grade alumina products are produced by adding another processing step at varying stages of the refining process depending on which product is being produced.
Chemical grade aluminas have a wide range of industrial and manufacturing applications all around the world as diverse as water purification, refractory materials, pharmaceuticals, artificial marble, paper sizing, ceramics, abrasives, petroleum processing, plastic and fire retardant in carpets.

To meet the exacting quality standards demanded by specialty alumina buyers around the world, Kwinana maintains certification to Quality Standards AS3902 (Australian), ISO9002 (International) and ISO14001 (International environmental accreditation) – the first alumina refinery in the world to be so accredited.

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