Community Consultation
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Community Consultative Network (CCN)
Kwinana Refinery established a Community Consultative Network (CCN) in December 1994 as a way to reach the community and better understand their areas of concern and interest.  The CCN was a group of community representatives who met informally with Alcoa each month.
For 10 years the CCN provided Alcoa’s Kwinana refinery with vital community feedback and input on a range of issues and activities of mutual interest in a number of areas. 
Membership of the CCN was open to the local community in a voluntary capacity with most areas of interest for the community focussing on Kwinana’s environment performances.
In 2004 the then Department of Environment (DoE) introduced a new initiative for WA industry: to voluntarily adopt public Environmental Improvement Plans (EIPs).  After choosing to produce an EIP at Kwinana, a decision was made to transform the CCN into two EIP working groups to provide guidance in the development of Kwinana’s EIP.  It was the Kwinana CCN who nominated and agreed on the community membership of the two EIP working groups.
During 2005 Kwinana’s two EIP working groups provided input and guidance with regard to our 2006 – 2007 EIP document.

Kwinana Singles [2KB PDF]

In 2006, the two groups combined to work together to review our progress against our published targets and actions.

EIP Progress Summary [26KB PDF]

Stakeholder Reference Groups (SRGs) 
In addition to the EIP working groups, Kwinana has Stakeholder Reference Groups (SRGs) to review specific projects that require a more intense level of community involvement than the CCN could, or EIP working groups can provide. SRG  groups have been involved in the development of the Long Term Residue Management Strategy and reviewing the emissions Reduction Project for the Liquor Burner.
To read the Long Term Residue Management Strategy click here.
Community and Industries Forum (CIF)
As a member of the Kwinana Industries Council (KIC) Kwinana refinery participates in the Community and Industries Forum (CIF). CIF operates a public, advertised community forum directed by an executive committee.  The committee membership is drawn from interested community people, State regulators, and the KIC members.  Meetings are held every second month and provide an open forum to exchange information between community, industry, and regulators. 
Kwinana refinery also maintains regular contact with refinery and residue storage area neighbours, and continues to consider innovative ways to reach our community.