Careers in Humanities

Many people assume the only careers in resources are those jobs on the shop floor at the heart of the operations.  In reality, Alcoa offers a range of careers in the Humanities area and employs:

  • Human Resources Consultants;
  • Recruitment Consultants;
  • Training & Development Consultants;
  • Community Relations Officers;
  • Corporate Affairs Advisors;
  • Communications and Media Advisors;
  • Safety Consultants;
  • Health and Fitness Consultants;
  • Community Education Officers;
  • Administration Officers;
  • Personal Assistants; and
  • Reception Staff.
Human Resources Consultants are involved in recruitment, union negotiations, employees’ career planning, and training and development opportunities.
Safety Consultants maintain safe work practices on site, while Community Relations Officers act as the link between Alcoa and the communities where we operate.

The role of the Communications and Media Advisors includes responding to media enquires, as well as managing Alcoa’s website and intranet.

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Alcoa's Peel Regional Office in Pinjarra

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