Health Assessments
Health Risk Assessments
Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) are a sophisticated means of assessing whether air emissions from industrial plants are safe for local communities. They are increasingly being undertaken by industry especially when there are proposals to build new facilities or expand existing ones.   
Below are links to HRAs which have been undertaken and peer reviewed by independent experts for our operations at Kwinana, Pinjarra and Wagerup.  These HRA's show no cause for concern for local communities.  
Wagerup Refinery HRA – April 2005
Peer review by Dr John Bisby
Pinjarra Refinery HRA – December 2014
Peer review by Professor Philip Weinstein
Pinjarra Refinery Dust HRA - August 2008
Pinjarra Refinery HRA – July 2008
Peer review by Professor Philip Weinstein
Pinjarra Refinery HRA – November 2003
Peer review by Professor Philip Weinstein
Kwinana Refinery Emissions Reduction Project HRA - June 2004
Peer review by Peter N Di Marco PhD, Fellow ATS
Anglesea HRA 
Peer review by PN Di Marco 
Peer review by J Chiodo
Read more about the Anglesea HRA here.
Wagerup Community Health Survey
Alcoa welcomed a report released in November 2008 by the Department of Health, which suggests the health status of people living near Wagerup Refinery is similar to that of people from the rest of WA. This is consistent with all of the previous air quality and health risk assessment research, which has shown the refinery to be safe.
The Wagerup and Surrounds Community Health Survey was conducted by the UWA Survey Research Centre and analysed by the Telethon Institute for Child Health Research. In July, August and September 2007 the survey asked residents living near Alcoa’s Wagerup Refinery about subjective symptoms potentially related to chemical exposures and also about a range of chronic health conditions. Read more.
To read the Department of Health media release click here.
The Wagerup and Surrounds Community Health Survey - June 2008
Peer review by Professor C. D'Arcy J. Holman