Frequently Asked Questions

For further information on skills training and courses please speak to your local training organisation.

Q: Do you have any vacancies and how do I apply?
All of our current job opportunities are listed on the Current Vacancies page.  To apply for a listed vacancy, please email a covering letter and your current CV (making sure you quote the IRC reference and job name) by the closing date to The specific online vacancy advertisement will outline any additional requirements for applying.
Your application will be acknowledged by our Recruitment Team within 48 hours of the first working day following your submission. If you have not received an acknowledgement, or have any questions, please contact
If you are already an Alcoa permanent or fixed-term employee, you need to apply through the internal Oracle system. It is Alcoa’s policy for all employees to advise their direct Supervisor/ Manager of their intention to apply prior to application.  Please ensure your covering letter and current CV are uploaded into your Oracle account before applying.  When you have completed your application, you will see a confirmation message at the top of the screen in iRecruitment. 

Q: There are no vacancies which suit my skills or interest, but I’d still like to lodge my resume with Alcoa for any upcoming opportunities. Can I do this? 
Unfortunately we cannot accept CVs unless you are applying for a specific advertised vacancy.

To maximise your chances of securing a position with Alcoa, we encourage you to check our Current Vacancies page regularly and apply directly for relevant positions that suit your skills and expertise.

Q: I’m interested in getting into the industry. Do I need any qualifications?
It depends on the job. There are several operational roles which don’t require any previous qualifications or trade qualification. These include jobs at mines, refineries and smelters, such as:

• Refinery Operator;
• Trades Assistant;
• Exploration Driller;
• Mine Worker;
• Nursery Assistant;
• Farmhand; and
• Stores Officer.

To read more about the types of job roles within Alcoa, click here. 

Q: Can I communicate directly with an Alcoa recruiter or HR manager?
Unfortunately we cannot liaise with every potential candidate simply due to the high volume of interest in working for Alcoa.  If you have applied for one of our vacancies, and your skills are a good fit with that job, an Alcoa recruiter will be in touch with you.

Q: Can I fax my application to Alcoa?
Sorry, no. You do need to apply electronically following the application instructions on the online vacancy advertisement.  This is the most efficient way for us to process applications.

Q: How often are new jobs posted on your website?
This varies greatly, so there is no simple answer to this question. If you are interested in working for Alcoa, and to avoid missing out on any opportunity which may suit you, we encourage you to check our Current Vacancies page daily.

Q: How long do jobs remain posted online? 
That depends on the job.  The application window for some job roles is one to two weeks, while other jobs may remain online until we find a suitable candidate. However, a closing date will most likely always be specified.

Q: I’ve submitted an application to an advertised vacancy. What happens now?
Please visit our Recruitment Process page which details the next steps involved should you be short-listed for interview.

Q: I’ve applied for an advertised position. How long will it be before I hear from Alcoa?
After receiving your covering letter and CV via email, we will send you an automated email response acknowledging receipt of your application. Alcoa’s recruiters will assess your suitability for the role and inform you if your application will be progressed to the next stage in our comprehensive recruitment process.  See our Recruitment Process page for more detail.

Q: Is it ok to apply for more than one job at a time?
Sure, that’s no problem. You are welcome to apply for any of our advertised vacancies if you believe your skills and experience match the position.

You will need to send separate emails, with covering letter and CV attached, for each different job you would like to apply for – remembering to quote the IRC reference and job name.

Q: How do Alcoa salaries compare with industry averages?
We regularly benchmark pay and conditions against ‘like’ jobs and ‘like’ industries to ensure we pay competitively and in line with what the market demands. In addition, we believe that the benefits and conditions offered by Alcoa are extremely attractive, and the lifestyle choices in fantastic locations, close to our operations, are second to none. 

Q: Who can submit an application to Alcoa?
Unfortunately, we cannot accept applications from external recruiters on behalf of their clients.  Our advertised vacancies are designed to attract people personally interested in working with Alcoa.

Q: What is it like to work for Alcoa?
For a start, you don’t have to fly thousands of miles away working fly-in fly-out and can return to your family at the end of each day/ shift. Working for Alcoa offers you the chance to live close to Perth or Melbourne in some of Australia’s best coastal communities.

We offer some of the best jobs in the resources and manufacturing industries.

Alcoa is committed to world's best practice, providing some of the most unique technical challenges in the industry. We work in an inclusive environment that embraces change, new ideas, respect for the individual and equal opportunity to succeed.

At Alcoa we recognise that our people are our success.   We are proud that more than 60% of our employees have been with us for more than 10 years, and believe our employees’ loyalty gives our business great stability, provides the opportunity for young people to learn from experienced employees, and delivers stable, long-term jobs in local communities. 

We have strong workplace diversity and equal employment programs and continue to be recognised, by the Federal Government’s Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency, as an Employer of Choice for Women. 

Read more at the Living in Alcoa Communities page, and within the Employer of Choice section.

Q: What opportunities are there for advancement?
We recognise that our people are our success, so it’s in our best interest to help you develop and grow. As a large global company, the opportunities can be vast and the positive professional challenges are many.  At Alcoa, you are in control of your own future. We encourage you to make your career aspirations known and, together, we’ll try and find or create a path to get you there if we can.

Q: I am a student and I would like to do work experience with Alcoa. Can this be arranged?
Work experience is offered to upper high school and university students. Unfortunately we are unable to offer every student who contacts us this opportunity.  If you are interested in work experience, visit the Scholarships and Education page for more information, and contact us at

Q. How do I apply for an Operator role at Portland Aluminium? 
If you are interested in an Operator role at Alcoa Portland Aluminium Smelter, you can email your up-to-date resume to stating 'Operator - Portland' in the subject line. No application form needs to be completed.

Your resume will be retained for three months and should a position become available in that period time your resume will be reviewed.

Please note all other vacancies are advertised on our website If there is a position of interest advertised, please follow the application directions as stated in the vacancy advertisement.