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Farmlands are regularly involved in numerous community, industry and environment events, collaborating with our partners to achieve shared goals.


Latest news

On 16 March, a total sale clearance of 540 'Angus weaners' was achieved through an online Auctionsplus sale on behalf of Alcoa Farmlands. The cattle were part of Alcoa's annual weaner sales, conducted online for the seventh consecutive year using Elders marketing and assessment services.

The sale comprised 420 Angus steers and 120 Angus heifers, all of which were 8-10 months old. Alcoa Farmlands has established a great reputation for their cattle and this was reinforced by the diverse number of buyers who supported the sale and were successful in purchasing lines.

The price levels achieved added weight to the current industry optimism of a positive outlook for beef in Western Australia.

Alcoa will back up this very successful sale by offering a further 200 steers and 100 heifers on Monday, 30 March once again via Auctionsplus.


Upcoming events in 2015:

  • 30 March - Online sale of 1,000 cattle planned to be primarily grain-fed for domestic trade via major supermarket chains.
  • May/June - Nearly 4,000 cows will calve over a nine-week period which is a very intense time for Farmlands.

Past industry and community activies and events:

  • Hosted a field day for the 'Africa Downunder Conference' in 2014 to identify benefits that mining can provide for agricultural industries.
  • Approximately 450kg of beef was donated to Foodbank in 2014 with plans to donate 1,000kg in 2015.
  • Hosted a Russian and two Chinese trade delegations in 2014 as well as students from the International Water Centre.
  • Organised four community planning days in partnership with Greening Australia in Wagerup and Pinjarra.


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