Alcoa Anglesea Peregrine Falcon Webcam-2011 Archive
2011 Season Diary Updates

Wednesday October 19, 2011 - Final Update
The second egg has been out of sight since Thursday last week and the ledge noticeably absent of Ava.  Havoc is missing from his usual vantage point.  All indications are that the nest attempt has failed.
Wednesday October 12, 2011
This egg certainly gets around!  Today it is further along the ledge at the very edge of the frame I can photograph.  Of some concern is more often than not, the eggs appear to be unattended and/or uncovered when I drop by.     
Tuesday October 11, 2011
The egg is back in view today.  Over the last few days, Ava had the egg tucked in the corner behind the vertical beam hiding it from our vantage point.  Havoc visited the ledge today and looked like he might take a turn incubating.  But he wasn't there for long before taking flight
Wednesday October 5, 2011
The egg is out of sight today.  Ava may have moved further along the bunker ledge out of the range of my peep hole or it may have rolled to a similar fate to egg number one.  As the female Peregrine Falcon usually lays one egg every 48 hours, there should have been a second egg today.
Tuesday October 4, 2011
Monitoring Ava at the ledge on the coal bunker is a little tricky.  Hiding behind the edge of the U beam, it's difficult to get a good vantage point.  So imagine I'm on my hands and knees peering through a 50mm (2") diameter hole in the concrete floor of the coal conveyor building above.  Now you'd think I'd be fairly inconspicuous.   Apparently not!  As you can see, I might be watching Ava but Ava is certainly watching me!
Monday October 3, 2011
Well folks ... we have an egg!  Actually, we have two!!  Although, before everyone gets TOO excited, it's not all good news.  As you can see from this photo, one egg sits abandoned on the ledge while Ava is sitting on another (which she kindly revealed some time later).
So where is this mystery nest?  Ava has chosen to nest on the ledge of one of the coal bunkers of the power station.  In fact, it is on the exact same ledge that we reported in this exact same week last year that Ava had selected to nest.  We'll do our best to keep monitoring Ava and keep you up-to-date.
Tuesday September 27, 2011
Havoc and Ava's visits to the power station and water tower are intermittent.  In desperation, we conducted a survey of the batters of the open cut to see if the pair had returned to a previous haunt.  Peregrine falcon's bred on a ledge on the wall of the open cut coal mine in the early 1990's.  But alas, the search for a nest continues ...
Tuesday September 13, 2011
Havoc and Ava have been noticeably absent from the power station and water tower this week.  Perhaps Ava has found a nest site to her liking ... but where?  It's not the new nest box and close inspections of the power station have not revealed a nest site either.
Tuesday September 6, 2011
The new nest box for Havoc and Ava remains vacant.  By this time, it is expected that Ava would have found somewhere to settle down to lay her eggs. 
Instead, the water tower continues to be the focus for Ava, while Havoc takes up his usual post on the power station beams of the seventh floor as seen in this latest photo of the pair. 
Tuesday August 8, 2011
Welcome back!  The 2011 Peregrine falcon breeding season at Alcoa Anglesea is just around the corner.
Havoc and Ava have been present around the station for a couple of weeks but unfortunately there is no evidence of the pair visiting the new nest box from 2010.  Regular patrols of the Power Station have commenced in case Ava finds it more appealing, however there is no evidence of a 'nest' on the structure at this stage.