Alcoa Anglesea Peregrine Falcon Webcam-2010 Archive
2010 Season Diary Updates

Tuesday November 9, 2010 - Final Update
There has been significantly less activity at the Power Station from Ava and Havoc.  Discussions with the Victorian Peregrine Project have continued and whilst we held some hope that there was still time for Ava to settle at a nest site this year, as the days pass it becomes more likely that Ava and Havoc will miss this breeding season.  We hope that next year our nest box will be accepted and Ava and Havoc will be a successful breeding pair. 
This will be the last update for 2010.  However if any news comes to hand, you will hear it here first.
Tuesday October 26, 2010
Looking all too casual this morning, Ava sits preening on the Power Station while Havoc rests on the water tower.  Not the attentive behaviour one would expect of parents who should be egg sitting or feeding chicks.
Wednesday October 20, 2010
Sitting ... waiting ... watching, but no activity at the coal bunker. The lip on the bunker makes it impossible to visually confirm the presence/absence of eggs however we would expect Ava to be sitting tight on the beam if there were eggs to incubate. The monitoring continues!
Tuesday October 12, 2010
Ava and Havoc continue to spend their time around the coal bunker.  Havoc announces very loudly when he is returning to the ledge – he must be proud of his catch of the day!
Wednesday October 6, 2010
The consensus is that Ava and Havoc have selected to nest on the power station. There is a the lack of certainty though as we are unable to view the location of their nest. So whilst we cannot see eggs, evidence of a nest includes the remains of dinnerwhite wash and the occasional head popping up over the beam!
Tuesday September 28, 2010
What’s in a name?  Here at Alcoa Anglesea our Peregrine falcons have assumed human identities with official names bestowed upon them all.  Our adult male ‘Havoc’ derives from the old English word hafoc for falcon (or hawk) dating back to the middle ages of falconry.  Our new adult female has been named ‘Ava’ chosen as a derivative of avis of latin origin meaning 'bird'.

Wednesday September 23, 2010

The Alcoa Anglesea water tower that provided the ledge for our previous nest box has undergone a renovation. Critical safety work has been undertaken removing the deteriorating ladders and stairways from the structure – see before and after photos of the water tower. 
Prior to the work starting, we inspected the water tower for signs of a nest or eggs.  Luckily the water tower was not the birds' chosen nest site for this year, so work could proceed unhindered.  However, our two resident falcons Havoc and Ava kept a close eye on proceedings – see photo of Ava watching the work.

Monday September 13, 2010
Without the webcam it’s back to old fashioned binoculars and manual camera work (well it is a digital camera) to bring you the latest news from Ava and Havoc.  One advantage is the up close and personal moments such as this encounter with Havoc on the Power Station.

Wednesday September 8, 2010
The water tower continues to be the focus for courtship between Ava and Havoc, with ledge displays, Havoc delivering food and some more intimate moments.

Monday September 6, 2010
This week we have received several enquiries asking for clarification on what has happened to Sheila.

With the appearance of a new female in Sheila's breeding territory it is most likely that Sheila has died.  We have not found any physical evidence of Sheila but given the appearance on a new female, it is the most likely assumption.  Peregrine falcons mate for life, it would be almost impossible for another female to breed with Havoc if Sheila was alive.  It is only if a member of the pair dies, the surviving falcon (in this case Havoc) will accept a replacement mate.
Wednesday August 25, 2010
Remember in the update on July 27, 2010 where we said 'bands yet to be confirmed'? (scroll down if you need refreshing).  Well here is your first glimpse at the new female Peregrine falcon of Alcoa Anglesea, Ava. 
This isn't breaking news to some of our followers out there.  In February there were sightings of an unbanded female at the nest box.  However because it was out of breeding season, we weren't able to account for the whereabouts of our resident female, Sheila.
It's a little sad to have lost Sheila, our adult female at Anglesea since 2003.  Gosh she was aggressive but she was also a very dedicated mother.
Tuesday August 24, 2010
The new nest box for Sheila and Havoc remains vacant and any day now it would be expected that Sheila would settle down to lay her first egg.  Regular patrols continue of the Power Station in case Sheila returns here but at this stage there is no evidence of a 'nest'.
Tuesday August 10, 2010
A Peregrine falcon sits upon the water tower where it's nest box once stood and unfortunately there is no evidence of Sheila or Havoc having visited their new nest box.  As you can see from this picture of our Station (with a falcon on each corner!), it is 7 floors of attractive looking ledges and beams.  Can our nest box compete?
On a positive note, Sheila and Havoc continue to spend time at the Power Station and courting behaviour is in full swing.  There will be a nest .... but where?
Tuesday July 27, 2010
Welcome back!  The 2010 Peregrine falcon breeding season at Alcoa Anglesea is upon us.
The pink nest box is back!  Due to continuing aggression from Sheila towards our employees we have had to relocate the nest box (again!).  This time it is no longer on the water tower, rather in a stand-alone location away from our main buildings.  Both Sheila and Havoc (bands yet to be confirmed) have been present around the station for the last couple of weeks (looking for their nest box no doubt!) so hopefully they will find their new home soon.