Alcoa Anglesea Peregrine Falcon Webcam-2009 Archive

2009 Season Diary Updates

Monday December 21, 2009 - Final Update
Due to popular demand we are keeping the webcam live a little longer this year so that you can enjoy the brief glimpses of Froona, Barega and Warrun when they return to the nest box, whether it's for a rest or a meal.
We hope you have enjoyed the 2009 season at the Alcoa Anglesea nest box and that you will tune in again in 2010.  Thank you for watching.
Monday November 23, 2009
After venturing out onto the perch and preparing herself for flight, Froona has finally fledged.  Which leaves our webcam looking at an empty nestbox.  Never fear, whether it's driving rain or a tempting snack, the chicks continue to return home, sometimes for picture perfect moments like this.
Monday November 16, 2009
Is it a bird, is it a, it's three chicks back in the nest box.   After several days on her own, Froona's brothers have been back to visit several times over the last few days.  Not content to sit around though, Barega and Warrun have been exploring the nest box perch, roof and water tower walkway on their visits home.
Tuesday November 10, 2009
Barega and Warrun have flown the coop!  This image was taken last night just minutes before one of the boys took his first flight.  This morning, both the boys were gone leaving Froona home alone.  She doesn't look very happy about it either !
Monday November 9, 2009
We are proud to announce Alcoa Anglesea's three chicks for 2009: Froona, Barega and Warrun.
Thank you to everyone who emailed us with their expert opinions.  The general consensus was that we have one female and two male chicks, with the brothers exhibiting more developed juvenile plumage compared to their big fluffy sister. 
It is an honour that our female chick is named Froona.  We had an overwhelming response from members of Bird Cams Around the World to recognise Froona Veldhuis from the Netherlands, a devoted advocate for the Peregrine Falcon, who died unexpectedly in April this year.
Our two boys have been named Barega and Warrun.  Both names are from the Aboriginal language meaning 'the wind' and 'the sky' respectively.  It is fitting that these two brothers, indistinguishable from each other without bands, have names from similar origins.  Thank you to Linda (USA) and Ingrid (Netherlands) who suggested these names for our two boys.
Wednesday November 4, 2009 II
The banding gods are not looking down upon us kindly this year.  There appears to be a greater power at play that does not want us to band our chicks.  After being involved in a traffic accident (!) the travel tower is not available for another week.  Peregrine enthusiasts will recognise that by the development of the juvenile's plumage, next week these little guys will undoubtedly be flying, leaving banding from the nest box an impossibility.  It is an important research opportunity missed, however, we must accept our destiny (sigh).
This leaves it up to us, webcam followers, to determine the sex of our three chicks and name them accordingly.  If both male and female chicks are present in the nest box, the size difference, with the female chicks being noticeably larger, will be the key.  Take a close look and let us know what you think.
Wednesday November 4, 2009
Due to a forecast of high winds, the banding has been rescheduled until tomorrow (Thursday November 5, 2009) at 10am Australian EDST.  Hopefully the weather will be kind as this will be our last opportunity to band our three chicks.  Any longer and there will be an increased risk that the chicks may attempt flight when the researchers approach the nest box.
Monday November 2, 2009
Sheila and Havoc have both been busy delivering food this week to their growing brood, but Sheila still found time to say hello to four Peregrine Falcon enthusiasts visiting all the way from Utah.  Click here to read more about this special visit.
Tuesday October 27, 2009
Banding day has been rescheduled to next Wednesday November 4, 2009 due to a change in the availability of the travel tower.  Mounted on an artificial structure 50 metres off the ground, the researchers need a specialized travel tower to access the nest box.
Thank you to all of our online viewers who have sent in their name nominations for our three chicks.  The final names will be revealed on banding day next week.
Thursday October 22, 2009
Our three chicks are growing up fast and beginning to move around the nest box.
Next Thursday is banding day.  Between 9 - 10AM Australian EDST researchers from the Victorian Peregrine Project will travel up to the nest box to retrieve the chicks for their health assessment and banding.
Each year we have a tradition to name the new falcon chicks.  Now that our birds have gone global, we're asking those watching over the world wide web for nominations.  If you would like to nominate a name, please email us with your nomination, whether it is suitable for a male or female and what the name means to you.
Monday, October 12, 2009 
It is over a week since the first chick emerged, therefore, we would expect all of the eggs to now have hatched.  Today we can clearly see three chicks as Sheila arrives with a morning meal with one unhatched egg remaining.
Tuesday, October 6, 2009
While Sheila is providing an early morning feed we are able to see that there are now three chicks.
Monday October 5, 2009
We have two little bundles of white fluff in the nest box.  The eggs will hatch in the same order they were laid so it can take up to a week for all of the eggs to hatch.  Two down, two to go!
Friday October 2, 2009
Broken egg shells in the nest box indicate the first chicks for 2009 have hatched.  Sheila was kind enough to give us a sneak peek at her little treasure.
Friday September 18, 2009
For Peregrine Falcons, the incubation period is 33 to 35 days from the date the last egg was laid.  So it is now approximately halfway with hatching expected to begin around October 4 - 6.  During incubation, the eggs are rarely left uncovered; rain, hail or shine.
Monday September 7, 2009 
It does appear that Sheila has laid four eggs. 
Thank you to those who emailed in photos to help confirm this.  With Sheila increasing her time in the nest box,  there has been limited opportunity to view the number of eggs.
Monday August 31, 2009 
Sheila has laid eggs number two and three.
Friday August 28, 2009 
After spending several days perfecting the scrape, Sheila has laid her first egg
Thank you to everyone watching who informed us that the webcam image had frozen earlier in the week.  We apologise for the interruption to the webcast.
Monday August 17, 2009 
Sheila and Havoc continue to visit the nest box this week.
Monday August 10, 2009 
This week we have received several enquiries asking what has happened to the pink nest box.
Last year Sheila increased the ferocity in which she defended her territory including a number of strikes to employees...lucky for mandatory hard hats!  One possible contributor for Sheila's bad mood was that the nest box faced directly toward the power station (north-west).  This may have been a source of aggravation for Sheila as she could see people moving back and forth and felt her nest was threatened.  So a new nestbox (unpainted) has been installed on the north-east side of the water tower facing away from the station.  Only time will tell if Sheila's mood improves.
Monday August 03, 2009 
Welcome back!  A pair of Peregrine falcons have returned to our nest box and the webcam is once again live to bring you all the imagery of the 2009 season.