Alcoa Anglesea Peregrine Falcon Webcam 2012
2012 Season Diary Updates

Friday 2 November, 2012 - Final Update
We have been monitoring the falcon’s nest every few days and after a 33 day incubation period we expected the three eggs to have hatched by now.  Therefore, unfortunately all indications are that Ava and Havoc’s nest attempt has failed this year.
Monday 3 September, 2012
I spy with my little eye something beginning with…..n!  Yes, that is right; after many patrols of the power station structure we have finally found Ava and Havoc’s nest this season complete with three eggs!  However we aren’t counting our peregrine chicks before they hatch, particularly as the pair’s previous nests on the power station structure haven’t provided successful outcomes.
This year the pair has chosen a different area of the power station structure to nest on than previous years. Ava has chosen to nest on a ledge just under the seventh floor of the power station.  This location is much more accessible than last year, so we will be able to keep an eye on the progress of the nest and provide regular updates.
The power station’s Environmental Scientist Lisa Mills has been keeping a close eye on the pair and recently snapped Havoc providing for his mate. His right claw contains something fluffy, grey and squawking which he passed over to Ava.  He then proceeded to intimidate Lisa out of the immediate area!
Stay tuned...
Monday 20 August, 2012
The newly relocated nest box for Ava and Havoc remains vacant. Regular patrols of the power station continue in case Ava returns to her nesting spot from 2010 and 2011, but at this stage there is no evidence of a nest. 
In the meantime Ava and Havoc continue to visit the power station regularly.  We have had reports from employees of courting between the two birds, now all they need to do is find their nest!  For now the falcons seem to keep as much of an eye on us as we do on them.
Thursday 2 August, 2012
Welcome back to the Alcoa Anglesea Peregrine Falcon webpage for 2012.
This year we have moved the nest box to an elevated area of trees much closer to the power station in the hope that Havoc and Ava choose to use it!  We have also commenced regular patrols of the power station in case they choose to nest on the beam again.  However, so far there is no evidence of a nest on the structure.

We will assess the viability of installing a webcam once we get an indication on whether or not the falcons will use the nest box this season. We will keep you posted!