Environmental Management

As a sustainable company, Alcoa is committed to the highest standards of environmental performance.  Protecting and preserving the environment are core elements of our commitment to sustainability and our values. 

Acknowledged as a world leader in a number of environmental management areas, we are continuously working to further improve our performance through technological innovation, community partnerships and conservation of resources.
Read more about our environmental excellence in our Sustainability Reports at www.alcoa.com.au/sustainability.
Aluminium … part of the solution to climate change
Did you know that our product, aluminium, is part of the solution to climate change? 

In the critical transportation industry, our research in lifecycle modeling has shown that by 2030 the emissions of the entire aluminum industry can be offset by the potential emission savings from the transport sector's increased use of aluminum. Read more here. Plus read the research report here. 

Video: Alcoa's Worm Farm

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Video: 'Make an Impact'

Alcoa's employee greenhouse footprint reduction program
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Video: 'Make an Impact'

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Video: 'River Recovery'

Alcoa & Greening Australia in partnership
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