Employer of Choice

As an Employer of Choice, Alcoa is committed to work/life balance, diversity, employee engagement programs, maintaining a strong safety record and employee volunteering initiatives.

Training and Professional Development
Alcoa provides individuals the opportunity to develop their skills and grow as professionals.  In 2014 we invested more than $13.6 million on training.
Training programs we support focus on our industry job skills; people skills; leadership development; health, safety, and the environment.
We also encourage employees to improve professional development through external study, or by acquiring additional qualifications. 
Alcoa’s Education Tuition Aid Policy supports employees by providing support for approved courses. Alcoa also takes a global collaborative approach to sharing learning’s and technology which deliver environmental benefits to industry and the community.

Employee Engagement
One of Alcoa’s successful employee engagement initiatives is the ‘Employee Suggestion Scheme’. This program offers employees cash incentives if they come up with smart ideas for the business. 

Our philosophy is that we have a more productive and engaged workforce if our people are encouraged to make suggestions for business improvements and, in turn, are listened to by management. Each year, on average, we accept in excess of 10,000 suggestions.
Alcoa has also developed a greenhouse footprint reduction program in partnership with Greening Australia which is available to all Alcoa employees and their families. 

Community Involvement
Community engagement is critical to how we do business and we reward our people for supporting the communities where they live and work. 
Alcoa matches employees’ volunteer time with grants to their chosen not-for-profit organisations. In 2010, those organisations received more than US$400,000 in community funding. This is funding that’s in addition to Alcoa’s regular community partnership program. Read more about community volunteering at Alcoa.

We have one of the lowest lost workday injury rates in Australia – our performance is better than the mining, construction, agriculture, forestry and fishing and even retail trade industries.

Read more about safety management at Alcoa.

Turnover and return-to-work rates
Alcoa’s turnover rate nationally remains low. By way of example, our turnover rate for WA Operations (excluding retirements) in 2014 was 4.7 per cent and our turnover rate for the WA unionised workforce (excluding retirements) was 3.9 per cent. 
The turnover rate for Engineers and Planners combined (only taking into account those leaving to go to other companies) in 2014 was 8.2 per cent nationally for Alcoa of Australia, 5.9 per cent for Western Australia and 7.6 per cent for Victorian Operations. 

We believe our low turnover rate means our people think Alcoa is a great place to work.

Alcoa’s return-to-work rates following maternity leave currently sit at 100 per cent (as of March 2015) and data suggests our ability to offer part-time work for women returning from maternity leave has had a significant impact on the retention of women.
Workplace Gender Equality Agency Report
Alcoa of Australia has submitted its Workplace Gender Equality Agency report. Click here to view the report.
Please submit your comments to narelle.macfarlane@alcoa.com.au

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