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In the science learning area students learn to investigate, understand and communicate about the physical, biological and technological world and to value the processes that support life on our planet.
Science helps students to become critical thinkers by encouraging them to use evidence to evaluate the use of science in society and the application of science in daily life.
Here at discover Alcoa, there are cross-curriculum learning activities relating to different aspects of Alcoa's operations, which teachers and students can use in an interesting, fun and interactive way – while expanding their knowledge and understanding through the application of scientific theories.

Source: Department of Education and Training 


  Animal and Plant Monitoring

  Animal Habitats

  Bauxite Mine Diorama

  Choc Chip Mining


  Design A Brochure

  Design A Crusher

  Design a Sculpture From Recycled Aluminium Cans

  Design a Soil Collector

  Dialogue of Jarrah Forest

  Excavator Arms

  Exploration Drilling

  Fauna Survey

  Flora Survey

  Flow Chart Mining Process

  Flow Chart Refining Process

  Flow Chart the Rehabilitation Process

  Flow Chart the Rehabilition Process

  Fungi, Spores, Micro-Organisms

  Importance of the Jarrah Forest

  Mapping Bauxite

  Minimising Impacts

  Mining and Rehabilitation Board Game

  Mining Cartoon Poster

  Mining Polyhedron

  Plan To Mine Your Own Backyard

  Plant and Animal Monitoring

  Plant Uses in Jarrah Forest

  Rehabilitation Polyhedron

  Rock Collections

  Sampling Soil

  Simulated Bayer Process

  So What do You Know About Greenhouse Gases

  So What Do You Know About Mining

  So What Do You Know About Refining

  So What Do You Know About Rehabilitation

  Soil Profile In A Jar

  Spread Your Wings

  The Carbon Cycle

  The Story Of Aluminium In Transport

  Treating Seeds

  What Can You Do With Mud

  What Do You Mean Definitions

  Whats In The Hills

  Whats In The Soil

  Who Was Karl Bayer

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