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Aluminium is one of the world’s greatest recyclable materials and everyone can play a part.
Did you know that that of the 680 million tonnes of aluminium produced in the world since 1888, some 400 million tonnes are still in use?
Aluminium cans, aluminium off-cuts and other aluminium products, such as aluminium windows and roofs can be recycled and reused time and time again.
Alcoa Australia Rolled Products’ Yennora recycling centre in New South Wales is the largest aluminium recycler in the southern hemisphere, responsible for recycling around half a billion cans each year.
So how do we do it? Click here to find out more about aluminium recycling and other ways that Alcoa is part of the solution.

Educational Activities

  1000km Walk Competition

  12 Things You Can Do

  A Hiking Trip


  Aluminium in Transport

  Around Your Home

  Build a Jumbo Jet

  Communicating in Comics

  Design a Car of the Future

  Design a Green Village

  Design a Sculpture From Recycled Aluminium Cans

  Fossil Fuels or No Fossil Fuels

  Have Your Say

  How Can You Make An Impact

  Looking for Green

  Recycling Instructions

  School Audit


  So What Do You Know About Greenhouse Gas


  The Carbon Cycle

  What Do You Mean

  Which Car

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