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For more than two decades Alcoa has been working hard to be the world’s best at rehabilitating mined areas.
In Western Australia, Alcoa’s bauxite mining rehabilitation program has the goal to restore a self-sustaining jarrah forest ecosystem after bauxite mining.
Our rehabilitation program has achieved the goal of restoring 100% botanical richness to rehabilitated areas. This restoration work has won worldwide recognition for environmental excellence.
Discover more about how Alcoa is sustainably mining bauxite in the Darling Range here.

Information Sheets

  Rehabilitation Process

Educational Activities

  Aboriginal Land Uses

  Animal Habitats

  Bauxite Mine Diorama

  Choc Chip Mining

  Design a Brochure

  Dialogue of The Jarrah Forest

  Economic and Environmental Sustainability

  Environmental Consultant

  Fauna Survey

  Flora Survey

  Flow Chart the Rehabilitation Process

  Fungi, Spores and Micro-organisms

  Importance of the Jarrah Forest

  Looking for Green

  Minimising Impacts

  Mining & Rehabilitation Boardgame

  Mining & Rehabilitation Cartoon or Poster

  Mining Careers

  Plan to mine your own backyard

  Plant and Animal Monitoring

  Plant Uses in the Jarrah Forest

  Rehabilitation Polyhedron

  Sampling Soil

  So What Do You Know About Bauxite Mining

  Soil Profile Jar

  Spread Your Wings

  Treating Seeds

  Water Monitoring

  What's in The Hills

  What's in the Soil

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