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In the english learning area, students learn about the English language: how it works and how to use it effectively. They develop an understanding of the ways in which language operates as a social process and how to use language in a variety of forms and situations. They learn to speak, listen, view, read and write effectively.
Here at discover Alcoa, there are cross-curriculum learning activities relating to Alcoa's operations which teachers and students can use in an interesting, fun and interactive way – while using their imaginations in a range of communication formats.

Source: Department of Education and Training 

  A Hiking Trip

  Aboriginal Land Uses


  Design a Brochure

  Design a Green Village

  Dialogue of the Jarrah Forest

  Early European Land Uses

  Economic & Environmental Sustainability

  Energy Around Your Home

  Environmental Consultant

  Flow Chart the Mining Process

  Flow Chart the Rehabilitation Process

  Fossil Fuels or No Fossil Fuels

  Have Your Say

  How Can You Make An Impact

  Importance of the Jarrah Forest

  Looking for Green

  Minimising Impacts

  Mining & Rehabilitation Boardgame

  Mining Careers

  Mining Cartoon

  Mining polyhedron

  Plan to mine your own backyard

  Plant and Animal Monitoring

  Recycling Instructions

  School Audit

  The story of aluminium in transport

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