Managing through the economic downturn
Globally, Alcoa continues to take a range of decisive actions to manage through the impacts left by the economic downturn.
Click on the links below to read Alcoa's media statements related to the downturn:


29 April 2010
Portland Aluminium moves on productivity improvements

12 April 2010
Alcoa Reports Q1 2010 Results

11 January 2010
Alcoa Inc Finishes 4Q 2009 Strong; Free Cash Flow Positive, Revenues Up 18%


3 December 2009
Alcoa Australia Rolled Products announces business restructure

2 November 2009
Staff restructure complete at Portland Aluminium

7 October 2009
Alcoa Inc Strengthens Cash Position and Returns to Profitability in Third Quarter

21 August 2009
Workforce restructuring program underway

30 July 2009
Voluntary redundancies accepted at Portland Aluminium

22 July 2009
Planned five-day shutdown of Alcoa Australia Rolled Products

8 July 2009
Alcoa Inc Second Quarter 2009 Results – Solid Cash Performance

2 July 2009
Portland Aluminium curtailment complete

16 June 2009
Alcoa Victorian Operations responding to global financial crisis

12 June 2009
Cost reduction program process continues at Portland Aluminium

12 June 2009
Alcoa Victorian Operations responding to global financial crisis

10 June 2009
Alcoa Point Henry responding to global financial crisis
Alcoa Point Henry considering options to ensure sustainability
29 April 2009
Plan for management of Portland Aluminium through downturn

7 April 2009
Alcoa Inc Reports 1st Quarter 2009 Results

16 March 2009
Alcoa Takes Decisive Action: Cost Structure Improved and Liquidity Reinforced

12 January 2009
Alcoa Inc Reports 4th Quarter 2008 Results

7 January 2009
Alcoa of Australia’s position following Alcoa Inc’s announcement today (6 January 2009 USA)

6 January 2009
Alcoa Taking Decisive Action to Address Economic Downturn

26 November 2009
Alcoa to curtail Portland Aluminium production


11 November 2008
Global financial crisis puts Wagerup 3 on hold
10 November 2008
Alcoa to Curtail Additional 350,000 mtpy of Aluminum Production Across Its Global Smelting System