Diversity and Work/Life Balance
In today’s fast-paced world, it is a challenge to manage personal obligations with work responsibilities. We believe part of the reason we have low employee turnover is because of our successful initiatives which assist employees to achieve a positive and healthy balance between work and home life.
We also have an inclusive culture that not only provides employees with the opportunity to succeed professionally, but also empowers them to be proud of who they are and where they come from. 
No matter what a person's background, gender, marital status, age, beliefs, impairments, ethnicity, sexual preference or religion, all employees are valued and an important part of the Alcoa team.
That way we all benefit – individually and as a business - through employee engagement, satisfaction, commitment and productivity.
By taking inclusion, diversity and work/life balance seriously, we know we stand a far greater chance of attracting the right people who will be the best fit for our business. 
We also believe an inclusive culture and providing flexibility makes good business sense – and we’re confident our initiatives are working as around 60 per cent of our people have been with us for more than a decade.

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HEAR FROM OUR PEOPLE: Diversity no obstacle for Karen

Alcoa of Australia’s Karen Briars has been employed in several supervisory roles over her career, including an eight-year stint at Alcoa’s Point Henry Smelter in Victoria. Karen moved to Western Australia in 2010 for family reasons and couldn’t wait for an opportunity to regain employment at Alcoa.  When the Stores Supervisor position at Wagerup Refinery was advertised Karen jumped at the chance.
Karen says good pay and great conditions were two factors instrumental in her decision to work for Alcoa. “Here I can have a comfortable life with my partner and enjoy the good things in life, like travel,” Karen said.
Another reason Karen says she is happy to work at Alcoa is the company’s policy of inclusiveness and the support of diversity groups like EAGLE (Employees at Alcoa for Gay and Lesbian Equality).
"I am an openly gay woman and I am comfortable being 'out' at work. I find people are accepting and I can be myself at Alcoa. Having the support of groups like EAGLE is really important," she said.
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Stores Supervisor at Wagerup Refinery and member of the EAGLE steering committee, Karen Briars.