Alcoa Anglesea actively seeks to improve water management and conservation on site.
A group of employees meets monthly to assess current water use rates and activities and look for opportunities for improvement.

The power station uses water from three sources:
1. Town water (for drinking/showering etc)
2. Bore water (for power station process use)
3. Recycled water from the mine (for dust minimisation)
Since 2000, Alcoa Anglesea has worked hard to reduce its town water consumption by almost 60%. This has been done through implementing a range of things such as employee education programs, flow reduction mechanisms on fittings and water tanks.
The major process water usage on the site is to cool the return steam from the turbine. Other processes that use water include boiler water feed, auxiliary cooling systems and dust suppression for conveyor belts and coal surfaces.
Alcoa Anglesea has a series of strategically placed flow meters to determine water usage from each of its three water sources. More detailed water usage patterns within the plant processes can also be determined using internal computer systems.
The Environment Improvement Plan outlines Alcoa Anglesea’s approach and strategy for water management and conservation in detail.


Alcoa Anglesea

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