Alcoa Anglesea focuses strongly on reduction, reuse and overall management of waste generated on site.
Alcoa has had a proactive waste recycling program in place for many years. In addition to this, in 1991, an Anglesea waste minimisation team was formed with a group of employees dedicated to exploring ways of reducing waste, conserving resources and reducing pollution.
The initial Alcoa aim of reducing waste to landfill by 50% by 1995 was achieved much earlier, by 1993. Using a 2000 baseline, Alcoa set a further target involving a reduction in waste to offsite landfill by 50%, which was again achieved ahead of time by 4 years. Further reduction targets have again been set.
All waste transported on or off site is recorded, regardless of whether the material is to be reused, recycled or sent to landfill. Data is routinely collated and reported internally and to the EPA as part of Alcoa Anglesea’s annual performance report.
Alcoa Anglesea was one of the first manufacturing businesses to receive accreditation in Sustainability Victoria’s Waste Wise Program in 1999. Alcoa participated in this program and in 2009, all Alcoa’s Victorian businesses received the highest accreditation standard (gold) possible in this program.

The Environment Improvement Plan further outlines Alcoa Anglesea’s approach and strategy for waste management.


Alcoa Anglesea

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