Alcoa Volunteers
The Alcoa Volunteers program encourages every employee to make their corner of the world a better place.  Alcoa fosters a unique corporate culture of service, where each and every employee is encouraged, supported and recognised for the active role they play in making our communities safer, stronger and more innovative places to live and work.
BacLinks is an exciting organisation that promotes and facilitates links between the business and community sectors.  Through BacLinks, Alcoa and community organisations are linked across the Greater Geelong region in volunteer activities through the ‘Making the Link’ program.
As part of the program, Alcoa allows each employee, one working day per year to spend helping out on a community project. This program is designed to improve and support the Geelong community and encourage a volunteering conscience within employees, through their exposure to community needs and positive outcomes of volunteering.
Recent activities have been held at Eumeralla, the Winter Workplace Big Day Out, Second Bite and the Geelong Animal Welfare Society.

Alcoa Foundation
ACTION is a program that has been developed by the Alcoa Foundation to recognise the collective efforts of Alcoa employees in communities where they life and work. Alcoa rewards initiatives where teams of employees of five or more choose to volunteer their time working together on a special community project.  Each ACTION project not only receives the volunteer labour, but also a grant for US$1500 or $US3,000.
Bravo! recognises Alcoa employees who already volunteer within community organisations. Alcoa volunteers can nominate community organisations for a Bravo! grant every year if they have devoted 50 or more personal hours to the community organisation. The community organisation nominated for the Bravo! grant receives US$250.
Alcoa’s worldwide ‘Month of Service’, an initiative of the Alcoa Foundation, is a time when we encourage employee volunteerism and celebrate the hundreds of employees who volunteer all year round.

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Month of Service

October is Alcoa's Global Month of Service, where we participate in community activities
See us at work in a sustainable gardening workshop

Video: Watch our employees in action during Month of Service
See our employees compete in the Head of the River