Sulphur Dioxide Management
Improved management of SO2 has been the highest priority environmental project for Alcoa Anglesea for several years and we continue to monitor and work on it as part of the daily operation of the power station. SO2 is an air emission released from the stack that is created when coal containing sulphur is burnt in the power station.
Alcoa continually monitors sulphur dioxide levels (SO2) at six locations around Anglesea, reporting the results on the Alcoa website in our Environment Reporting section.
The power station air emissions are compliant with National limits and Victorian EPA limits in Anglesea and are safe for Anglesea residents. No non-compliances have been recorded in Anglesea township since March 2009.
Alcoa’s Air Quality Control System (AQCS) employs both predictive and reactive tactics to anticipate and react to weather conditions that could potentially impact the ground level concentrations of SO2. To ensure compliance with the Air Quality Objective, the AQCS provides binary instruction for control room operators to modulate the power station load (or generation) accordingly.
Commissioning of the AQCS commenced in late September 2009, with the system now embedded in the power station’s operation.
Alcoa has also commissioned extensive environmental and health studies to ensure that our Anglesea operation is safe for both our employees and our neighbouring communities. Our values will not allow us to operate any other way.
In 2013 Alcoa released the updated Human Health Risk Assessment for the Anglesea power station and coal mine. The HRA – undertaken by an independent consultancy firm and peer reviewed – shows emission levels from the Anglesea power station and coal mine are safe for residents, employees and the broader Anglesea community.  The HRA is a voluntary initiative by Alcoa to assess emission levels from its operations in Anglesea, and to make this information available to the local community. Read more about the HRA here.

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Air Quality Control System

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