Alcoa Anglesea Brown Coal Mine and Power Station

About Alcoa Anglesea
In 1961, Alcoa World Alumina Australia was granted a 7,221 hectare mining lease known as the Anglesea Heath, on which we operate the Anglesea Power Station.
Every year, Alcoa Anglesea uses around 1.1 million tonnes of brown coal to generate electricity that is transmitted to the Point Henry plant via a 45km high-voltage line.
As a brown coal fired station, Alcoa Anglesea helps generate the 180,000 tonnes of aluminium produced per year at Point Henry aluminium smelter by providing approximately 41% of their total electricity needs.
Alcoa Anglesea, Parks Victoria, the Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment, and the local community are working together to manage and protect the Anglesea Heath’s values.
Under this unique agreement, over 90% of the mining lease is co-managed by Alcoa and our partners as if it were a National Park. This is Australia’s first case where conservation agencies and an industry have come together to form a cooperative partnership to manage an area for conservation.
Alcoa Anglesea works hard to maintain its performance levels at the best possible rates whilst being active in the search to eliminate waste, conserve resources and reduce pollution. More>>
Alcoa Anglesea is a major local employer; using a number of local contractors for specialised work and having strong links within the community.

A Community Consultation Network meets bi-monthly to exchange information and discuss topics of interest to both Alcoa Anglesea and the community.