In the 1950's, the Geelong area's coal supply was provided by Roche Brothers at a brown coal mine in Anglesea.  In the 1960's, Alcoa acquired the coal mine and set out to build a power station to supply electricity to the Point Henry Smelter.
The Alcoa Anglesea Power Station was officially opened on 20 March 1969 and now supplies more than 40 per cent of the power required by Alcoa's Point Henry aluminium smelter through a 45km high voltage power line connecting the Point Henry and Anglesea sites. 
Making electricity involves many stages, and Alcoa needs the support of a workforce of approximately 85 people at its Anglesea site to complete this process.
Click here to view the Anglesea Process Flow Chart or click on the four main areas below for more detailed information about how Alcoa Anglesea creates their electricity:
1. Coal mining
2. Mine Rehabilitation 
3. Power Station 
4. Control room
Endorsed Mine Work Plan - Alcoa Anglesea Power Station
The Mine Work Plan, endorsed on 22 September 2011 by the Department of Primary Industries, has been developed to outline the strategy for the continuing operation of the Anglesea Coal Mine by Alcoa to 2061. 
Due to the shutdown of the operations in August 2015 following the closure announcement, a mine rehabilitation and closure plan is being developed by Alcoa in accordance with the process detailed in the current endorsed Mine Work Plan.
This will be done in conjunction with, and reviewed by, the Earth Resources Regulation Branch of Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (DEDJTR). Community consultation will be part of this process.
You can read the Mine Work Plan (endorsed September 2011) below:



  Overview - Anglesea Coal Mine

  General Location Plans

  Regional Plans

  Site Plans

  Mineral Recovery Methods

  Mine Infrastructure

  Mine Management

  Mine Rehabilitation and Closure Plan

  Environmental Management Plan

  Community Engagement Plan

  Appendix A - Environment Improvement Plan (EIP)

  Appendix B - Environment Protection Authority (EPA) Licence

  Appendix C - Land Management Plan

  Appendix D - Amglesea Heath Management Plan

  Appendix E - Alcoa Anglesea Site Closure Plan

  Appendix F - Ground Control Management Plan

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Alcoa Anglesea power station and coal mine

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View of the brown coal mine from the Anglesea power station

Bushfire and Line Clearance Plan 2015/2016

Following the closure announcement, the future of the transmission line has not been finalised, however the current maintenance, bushfire mitigation and electric line clearance plans will continue until the transmission line is de-energised and/or sold.
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