Anglesea Mine Plan Beyond 2016
In 1961, Alcoa was granted the right to explore for and mine brown coal on a 7,221 hectare lease area. This is a 100-year lease which had an initial term of 50 years. In 2011, Alcoa exercised its option to extend the lease for a further 50 years.
In extending the lease, Alcoa guaranteed that it would restrict its mining operations to within a 665 hectare area – less than 10% – of the 7,221 hectare lease area. The remaining 6,400 hectares of lease area, known as Anglesea Heath, will continue to be co-operatively managed, similar to national parks, by Parks Victoria and Alcoa.
Extending the current mine plan
Alcoa currently has an approved plan in place for the Anglesea mine until 2016. We have been working on a revised coal mine plan in preparation for submitting a mine extension application to the State Government for mining beyond 2016.
This has involved detailed analysis of the technical, environmental and economic factors and consideration of social implications for the local community, which has led to two clear options for the mine: going deeper within the existing mining footprint or increasing the footprint north-west of the current mine site. These options are valid until 2022 and 2027 respectively.
Based on the analysis, going deeper is Alcoa’s preferred option. This would result in:
  • No clearing of native vegetation or disturbance of native fauna
  • No increase in current footprint
  • No visibility of the mine from Anglesea residences
  • No increase in sulphur dioxide (SO2) from the power station
  • An increase in mine groundwater extraction
  • Technically more difficult mining
  • No sterilisation of coal reserves within the current operational mine
Further information about the mine plan options is available by downloading the documents below.

Download the Anglesea Mine Plan brochure

Download the latest Frequently Asked Questions on the Anglesea Mine Plan

Mine Plan Brochure

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Anglesea Mine Plan brochure

Read the Anglesea Mine Plan information brochure

Frequently Asked Questions

Read the latest FAQ document on the Anglesea Mine Plan process

Anglesea Heath Management Plan

Read the management agreement for the Anglesea Heath, Alcoa's lease area

Anglesea Heath Park Note

Read Parks Victoria's Park Note for the Anglesea Heath

Alcoa ... part of the solution

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It takes about one tonne of Anglesea coal to produce 1.3 megawatt hours of power, compared to around two tonnes of coal that it takes to generate the same power in the La Trobe Valley area.

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Alcoa Anglesea has been carrying out progressive mine rehabilitation since the 1970s.

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Alcoa Anglesea’s land management program is independently audited and has ISO 14001 accreditation.