Alcoa Anglesea seeks to minimise the impact of its mining operations through a land management program based on continuous improvement. Alcoa’s land management program is independently audited and has ISO 14001 accreditation. 
Currently, the land known as the Anglesea Heath overlays land leased by Alcoa under the Mines (Aluminium Agreement) Amendment Act 2011 (7097ha). It is made up of the area used for mining and power generation, known as the Mining Area (545ha) which is closed to the public. The remainder is known as the Land for Conservation (6676ha). This area offers one of the most diverse and spectacular areas for flora, scenic landscape and wildlife communities in Victoria and is accessible to the public. Alcoa also owns 124ha of freehold land surrounding its operations in Anglesea. 
A unique agreement between Alcoa and the Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI), allows government and industry to jointly manage the non-mining part of the lease and ensures that this important area is protected.
Alcoa and Parks Victoria have a long term partnership and we work co-operatively to manage the Anglesea Health.  Alcoa has an Environmental Scientist on staff to implement the strategies and actions of this Management Plan including the protection of threatened species, track rationalisation and rehabilitation.
In addition to the leased land, Alcoa owns freehold land adjacent to Anglesea between the township and mine. This freehold land is mostly made up of natural heath land and seeks to minimise the impacts of having an open cut mine and power station close to the town.
To manage the mining area and freehold in a manner consistent with the surrounding lease, a Land Management Plan was developed in 2003 for the lease area and the freehold land. The Plan includes the following:

• Mine rehabilitation: method, standards and monitoring
• Vegetation restoration and revegetation works for  the mining and freehold areas
• Protection of flora and fauna values on Alcoa freehold
• Environmental weed program for the mining and freehold areas
• Development of a GIS project to assist in the mapping, monitoring and coordination of tasks within the management plan.
The Environment Improvement Plan outlines Alcoa Anglesea’s approach to land management.

Alcoa Anglesea

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