Anglesea Health Risk Assessment
The updated Human Health Risk Assessment (HRA) for Alcoa’s Anglesea power station and coal mine is now available.
The HRA – undertaken by an independent consultancy firm and peer reviewed – shows emission levels from the Anglesea power station and coal mine are safe for residents, employees and the broader Anglesea community.
The HRA is a voluntary initiative by Alcoa to assess emission levels from its operations in Anglesea, and to make this information available to the local community.
The report is based on methodology recommended by the Victorian Environmental Protection Authority and included sulphur dioxide (SO2) and fine particulates (PM10 and PM2.5).
Alcoa continually monitors SO2 and fine particulates in Anglesea to ensure it complies with state and national air quality standards.
Alcoa’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr Michael Donoghue, said Alcoa has been monitoring SO2 levels at six locations around Anglesea, reporting the results publically for more than a decade. In addition, ambient dust is monitored at three locations around the township through an independent consultant and reported on the Alcoa website.
“We are pleased to make the final report available to the public. This work, together with the continued monitoring of SO2 and fine particulates at different locations in Anglesea confirmed that air emission levels around the plant do not exceed acceptable health criteria. Alcoa will continue to manage air emissions from the Anglesea operations to ensure we consistently meet Australian guidelines.”
The full report is available below:
 Anglesea HRA 
The peer reviewer reports are available below:
 Peer review by J P Chiodo
 Peer review by P N Di Marco (PhD Fellow ATS) 
For further information you can contact Alcoa Anglesea via our contact form, or at or 03 5263 4249.

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