Anglesea Environment Reports 2013
The Alcoa Anglesea Environmental Reports available below are a snapshot of the plant's environmental performance and management program - designed to keep Alcoa’s employees and members of the community up to date. The report includes feedback on how the company is tracking against current Environmental Improvement Plan (EIP) targets and includes more general environmental issues and reporting for the plant.
From July 2012, the Environment Report is published quarterly. Monthly SO2 data will also be posted.

  Q4 2013 Environment Report [1678 KB]

  December 2013 SO2 Report [305 KB]

  November 2013 SO2 Report [301 KB]

  October 2013 SO2 Report [298 KB]

  Q3 2013 Environment Report [704 KB]

  September 2013 SO2 Report [294 KB]

  August 2013 SO2 Report [266 KB]

  July 2013 SO2 Report [277 KB]

  Q2 2013 Environment Report [701 KB]

  June 2013 SO2 Report

  May 2013 SO2 Report

  April 2013 SO2 Report

  Q1 2013 Environment Report

  March 2013 SO2 Report

  February 2013 SO2 Report

  January 2013 SO2 Report

  Anglesea Environment Report Glossary

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